Tuesday, December 13th, 2005

XIN: Rich Ajax Desktop

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After we posted about the new TXN desktop, Mikael Bergkvist pointed us to another Ajax Rich Desktop called XIN.

This desktop has more widgets and features, and it includes some documentation for you to write you own widgets and such.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 5:26 am

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Nice! :-)
Before some years, the hebrew webmaster’s site (http://www.webmaster.org.il) had a User Interface like an Operating System – this was a very nice gimmick. but they change for a more useable interface.

By the way, I have written and published an intro article for AJAX (written in hebrew).

Comment by Nir Tayeb — December 13, 2005

Anyone else having a lot of issues with these in Safari or Mozilla on the Mac? They seem to behave erratically and have some curiously slow rendering.

Comment by Gregory Pierce — December 13, 2005

Cooler than a lot of other stuff I’ve seen out there, but this is clearly an early alpha.
I’m going to keep an eye out tho, might be on the way to something mi’ty interesting..

Comment by Pete — December 13, 2005

I haven’t had issues with Mozilla or Mac… only IE5.0 or 5.2, the one that comes in a Mac by default. for more info on my framework check http://www.robgonda.com/blog/projects/ajaxcfc

Comment by Rob — December 13, 2005

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