Sunday, July 15th, 2007

Xinu – Dashboard for Webmasters

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Update: Site owner Miguel says the site is down for the next few days while he upgrades to a new server.

Xinu aggregates content on anything and everything to do with your website. Type a URL in and several dozen XHR requests later, the page is populated with a screenshot, pagerank, Alexa rank, Digg tally, you name it. Seems to have been written by this Spanish-language blogger. (via TechCrunch).

One possible improvement would be adopting Unique URLs – I was unable to link directly to the Ajaxian stats shown above.

Posted by Michael Mahemoff at 3:52 am

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What a great idea. It’s nice to be able to see a whole heap of stats for your site. I also like that it allows you to create a PDF of the results – I think it would be better if the PDF were laid out in a two-column grid though.

Comment by Chris Norton — July 15, 2007

Does it take forever to load for other people too? I got there after several minutes of waiting, and now I’m waiting again to go into English mode.

Comment by Scriptor — July 15, 2007

hi everybody,
i’m miquel the “experimental” programmer of xinu

i would to say sorry, because the service is down (for the elevated consumption of resources in the server)

in a few days the service back online in a new server

@Chris Norton: thx for request, good idea!! (i will make a page, of all petitions of people with their names, and you will be there :D )

@Scriptor: i’m sorry my host is dattatec is really cheap but also it’s really bad, the new server will be “servage”

thx again!!

Comment by gafeman — July 15, 2007

Miguel, you might wish to consider multiplexing XHR requests to ease the load.

Comment by Michael Mahemoff — July 15, 2007

Awesome, really nice application. Thx for the link!

Comment by Webstandard-Team — July 16, 2007

Please repost this when the new server is online. Looks promising…

Comment by Marty — July 16, 2007

hi again ajaxians,

today i tried to tranferred the service to, but also the support has suspend my account for the high consumption

this is the info from today, that give me the support:
655.609 / MAX 400.000 requests
29.02 GB / MAX 120 GB bandwidth

one person in tech TechCrunch offer me a dedicated server but with ads

but i can’t accept because the problem will not solved

in google, yahoo, technorati api, has a query limit for IP, when the number of querys is over of the allowed
they return a error page and the service shows 0

thx for the support but i don’t know how i can continue the service, i’m not a company only a person and i some prices are really expensive for me

maybe the solution is to have more than one server and alternate the servers for check the results.. but i really don’t know how to do

what do you recommend?

Comment by gafeman — July 16, 2007

I want to clarify that the person is not from TechCrunch staff

Comment by gafeman — July 16, 2007

hi everybody,
i cant continue the project it’s to huge for me, maybe other people with much money can continue

I publish all the code, i can say that is not programmed very well, but I really enjoyed doing it

thanks a lot

Comment by gafeman — July 18, 2007

I have use your codes at for people to use it for free while I’m trying to add more UI on it :)

Thank you for your great code!

Comment by Sudirman — July 18, 2007

for bulgarians – translation here –

Comment by oggin — July 21, 2007

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