Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

xmake: a JavaScript make-like utility

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Peter Michaux has created a make, or rake-like utility for JavaScript called xmake.

You create a Xmakefile.js such as


  1. / defines println
  2. require('helpers');
  4. xmake.task('low', function() {
  5.   println('low');
  6. });
  8. xmake.task('mid1', ['low'], function() {
  9.   println('mid1');
  10. });
  12. xmake.task('mid2', ['low'], function() {
  13.   println('mid2');
  14. });
  16. xmake.task('high', ['mid1', 'mid2'], function() {
  17.   println('high');
  18. });

And you run it via:

xmake [-f filename] taskname

This works with xjs, the server side JavaScript framework Peter is building. We are seeing a spur in these types of libraries as people do more on the server-side.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:53 am

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That’s really cool. Out of curiosity, I wonder if xmake could also be made to work within Adobe AIR?

Comment by Dylan Schiemann — May 14, 2008

Dylan, xmake is based on a pure JavaScript library that could be used in a browser if needed. The xmake command line utility could be used to compile a C program (though xmake currently doesn’t have file modification time checking but it could be added.) So if you have an AIR make-like task then you should be able to do it with xmake.

Comment by PeterMichaux — May 14, 2008

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