Monday, May 15th, 2006

XmlHttpRequest Debugging for IE

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<p> Julien Couvreur has once again made his mark on the Ajax world – first with the release of the widely-used Ajax debugger for Firefox (using Greasemonkey) and now with his latest – a bookmarklet for IE containing a port of the same script.

Since I wrote the original XMLHttpRequest Debugging user script for Firefox (screenshot), almost a year ago, it has received a lot of positive feedback and a number of you expressed interest in having the tool support IE, to ease your AJAX development.

Finally, here is a port of the script to run on IE, in the form of a bookmarklet: XMLHttpRequest Debugging for IE.

He shares a few more details in the rest of the post, including some of the limitations that IE throws into the mix (such as periodic ActiveX issues) and the need for most of the script to live server-side due to IE’s limit on bookmark length. It’s still a sort of “preview release” and hasn’t been tested completely, but it is a very very handy tool.

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Brad Abrams was using Nikhil’s web developer tools for IE in his talk about Atlas at the Ajax Experience. You may want to look at that too:

Comment by Brent Ashley — May 15, 2006

Interesting Finds

Trackback by Jason Haley — May 15, 2006

wow, this is hot

Comment by Allen — May 15, 2006

The binaries for the Nikhil web developer tools do not seem to exist on that web page you pointed to anymore…

Comment by David Victor — October 7, 2006

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