Friday, February 10th, 2006

Xyle scope: CSS Tool for Analysis, Debugging, and Fine-tuning

Category: Utility

We ran across an interesting CSS tool called Xyle scope.

Xyle scope is Mac software that gives you powerful debugging when developing Web applications.

Take a look at the app in action:

You can look at, and dynamically change the CSS in the right hand side, and watch the changes take effect in the Web view. Very cool.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:52 am

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You can live edit your CSS with the *free* Firefox WebDeveloper extension, no problem.

Comment by drx — February 10, 2006

True, you can do this in the web dev toolbar, but its flaky and kinda hacky. For instance, you can forget about switching tabs while editing css in the toolbar.

This seems to be the best way for someone like me to edit css – meaning live updates as I tweak things. I imagine some people whip up a good design in css w/o tweaking things too much, but I need to change things constantly since css/xhmtl isn’t my “first language”. Too bad this is mac only.

Comment by Rob Sanheim — February 10, 2006

Herramienta perfecta para programar con CSS

Lo he visto en digg y me ha encantado la herramienta. Viene de Ajaxian, es una aplicacion genial para testear css

Trackback by — February 10, 2006

[…] [Vía Ajaxian] […]

Pingback by La brujula verde » Xyle scope, una utilidad CSS sorprendente — February 10, 2006

I saw this post this morning, downloaded it and have played around with it a bit. It’s a very cool utility for exploring and what-if’ing. I agree with Rob, I’m I like the tweek-look-tweek cycle.

Comment by matt maier — February 10, 2006

Someone knows something similar for win platform ? Live Edit from wedeveloper extension for FF isn’t very comfortable.

Comment by dominik — February 11, 2006

The first time I loaded this up I actually shouted “Fuck Yes” to no one in particular (there was no one there). I played with it for ten minutes and then bought it.
If I could give this app a high five I would.

Comment by Jason — February 11, 2006

This app is simply inspired and surprisingly polished, especially for a 1.x release.

Comment by Gregory — February 14, 2006

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