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Yahoo! BrowserPlus: Sneak Peak

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Yahoo! has released a sneak peak into Yahoo! BrowserPlus which came out today as

A platform for extending the Web: an end-user installs it and a developer uses its features through a small JavaScript library. Some of the features that exist in the platform today include:

  • Drag-and-drop from the desktop
  • Client-side image manipulation (cropping, rotation & filters)
  • Desktop notifications

You can head over to the main BrowserPlus landing page to learn more about the services.

Here they also show using a text to speech service via:


  1. // the "service specification" that we'll activate  
  2. var ttsService = {  
  3.   service: "TextToSpeech",    
  4.   version: "1",    
  5.   minversion: "1.0.2"    
  6. };  
  8. // check for the presence of TextToSpeech, and dump results in the  
  9. // specified div  
  10. function checkForTextToSpeech(divName) {  
  11.   YAHOO.bp.isServiceActivated(  
  12.     ttsService,  
  13.     function() {  
  14.       var _divName = divName;  
  15.       return function(haveIt) {  
  16.         var d = document.getElementById(_divName);  
  17.         d.innerHTML = haveIt;              
  18.       };  
  19.     }());  
  20. }
  22. YAHOO.bp.init(function(res) {  
  23.   if (res.success) {  
  24.     checkForTextToSpeech("before");  
  25.     YAHOO.bp.require({services: [ ttsService ]},  
  26.                      function(r) {  
  27.                        checkForTextToSpeech("after");  
  28.                        if (r.success) {  
  29.                          YAHOO.bp.TextToSpeech.Say(  
  30.                            { utterance: "text to speech is activated" },  
  31.                            function() {} );  
  32.                        }  
  33.                      });  
  34.   }  
  35. });

They also have a nice demo of combining drag and drop of images, and cropping them.

Great to see Yahoo! join the party of extending the Web!

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Interesting. One of the things you can get in Y!BP is a Ruby interpreter.

Comment by Nosredna — May 28, 2008

The big question that Yahoo still has to answer is why this isn’t being done in conjunction with Google as a part (or merger with) Gears? What possible advantage is there to Yahoo or to the Open Web for them to go it alone on this when the biggest issue facing YBP and Gears is going to be getting a big enough installed based? Splitting the effort there is worse for everyone and smacks of hubris.

Gears is an open project (not just Open Source, a distinction that can’t be stressed enough, particularly inside the hallways of Yahoo) which means that Yahoo can have as much or as little control in the direction of Gears or a Gears+YBP as they chose to. As it stands, there’s no messaging from Yahoo about why and how this will get better market share or traction than Gears, and indeed, why we should just turn around and (as a community) go hack these features into Gears directly.

So this is the open question to Yahoo: why are you foisting a closed platform on us without a coherent story about how this is better for the web than collaboration would be?


Comment by slightlyoff — May 29, 2008

It’s a load of rubbish

Comment by Tribulus — September 22, 2008

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