Tuesday, July 18th, 2006

Yahoo! Redesigned Front Page gets hip to Ajax

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Yahoo! has launched their new homepage version that includes Ajax-enbled content all over the place. It’s a great improvement over their homepage from the past, but it does shift more away from the “we’re mainly a search engine” idea they had before. The new site is a portal to the core, providing everything from entertainment and sports information to links to just about every service they offer (off on the left).

The search box for the site is still prominent, though, taking up residence at the very top of the page. The blocks below it, however, aren’t nearly as static. Mouseover one of the blocks in the top right box (Mail, Messenger, Local, etc) and you’ll be greated with a slide-down effect and dynamic content – most of them refreshing their content right there (like when you enter a zip code for the Weather option).

The actual results from the search (and really, pretty much everything outside this new front page) is still the same, but there’s enough content here to keep you informed and up-to-date for most general purposes. One thing that’s thankfully missing (well, almost) from this new front page – ads. I only see the one in the right-hand column (for an outside company). Nice and unobtrustive.

Personally, I’d say the redesign is very much a success and the addition of Ajax-enabled content blocks make it even sweeter.

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Isn’t this old news?

Comment by idris — July 18, 2006

Not old to me. I haven’t been to Yahoo in ages. Its interesting to see how it pans out for a very high traffic page – Lots of script and css output straight into the head, heavy use of ids.. strict dtd? And look at this: YAHOO.Fp.$ = function(id){
return (typeof(id)==’string’) ? YAHOO.Fp.d.getElementById(id) : false;
var $=YAHOO.Fp.$;
All that griping we hear about these long object chains / namespaces in the Y!UI library (and others). In practical use though you assign to a shortcut variable when you need to use a function repeatedly. There’s lots to chew on here.. is there a write up somewhere? It’d be good to know how much is the result of exhaustive testing, and how much is just a good-enough solution to meet their deadline.


Comment by Sam Foster — July 18, 2006

Nate Koechley gave a presentation on the ins and outs at @media in London and the slides are available on his blog:


Comment by Chris Heilmann — July 18, 2006

It’s no old news, nowadays was the official debute of the redesigned Yahoo! frontpage.

Comment by Gábor — July 19, 2006

Currently, I am using YUI library. Comparing to DOJO, it has much less loading time, it is great for old web system refurbishing. But what about extensibility? Is there anyone know how to extends YUI library or other website talking about that?

Comment by Charlie Cheng — July 19, 2006

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