Thursday, September 14th, 2006

Yahoo! Mail – Ajax Edition Goes Live

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Yahoo! Mail’s big-time Ajax upgrade finally goes live today (via TechCrunch). True to the times, it’s still a “Beta”, but it’s now open to the general public in the US and 18 international markets (from ReadWriteWeb). The company acquired Oddpost – a key inspiration for the new interface – two years ago, not long after the ominous release of GMail. The Ajax interface went into limited Beta a year ago.


  • Desktop-like look-and-feel (similar to Outlook)
  • Drag-and-drop UI
  • Tabbed interface for multiple emails
  • Calendar, integrated with Yahoo! Maps
  • RSS Reader

ReadWriteWeb walks through the interface and has a podcast interview with Yahoo! Mail’s Ethan Diamond.

Posted by Michael Mahemoff at 3:20 pm

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It’s amazing that they expect this to compete, yet don’t allow Safari users to use the new interface. Safari is exceedingly capable of good Ajax support, yet it’s locked out… fascinating.

Comment by Jason — September 14, 2006

Um, your links to Read/WriteWeb are incorrect. Here is the right URL:

thanks, Richard

Comment by Richard MacManus — September 14, 2006

Yahoo Mail Beta released – new Ajax features!

Yahoo is releasing the new Ajax-powered version of Yahoo Mail to all users in the US and across 18 international markets. The interface has somewhat the same feel but is improved by several orders of magnitude. The launch of the renewed service has been r

Trackback by 1001 Ways To Save The World — September 14, 2006

Not to be a downer, but they _still_ label this as beta after its been in private beta for a year and in development for at least two years? I mean, ajaxian? Just call it 1.0 and admit its faults, and get to work on fixing it. Geez.

Comment by Rob Sanheim — September 15, 2006

Hella slow !
What do you think, Gmail users ?

Comment by Quentin — September 15, 2006

My browser (FF) nearly stops functioning for several seconds and processor goes to 70-90% (AMD +2400).

Gmail’s still the one.

Comment by Danial Tzade — September 15, 2006

It’s a vast improvement (seems snappy on firefox on the mac). But…

No threading? Gmail nailed that a long time ago, and it’s brilliant, so I’m surprised it’s not included here. Maybe it’ll come later (under the “view” menu there’s something like “more views coming soon”).

Comment by PR — September 15, 2006

Bleh, waaaaay too slow. The utility and speed of gmail will always win over this bloatware from Yahoo.

Comment by Kyle — September 16, 2006

Slow, looks like Outlook Express, GMail is still the leader.

Comment by Michael Jouravlev — September 19, 2006

Wow! fantastic!! I am using it for last couple of months. Really nice interface! I liked RSS reader and find documents features.

Comment by KP — September 27, 2006

I just tried it for the first time on latest version of Firefox and a stable version of Mac OSX Tiger. Crashed Firefox every time. And of curse, I mean, of course it doesn’t work with Safari. Why do Gmail and other web based email systems work effortlessly and this one doesn’t?
Now it won’t let me get back to the old Yahoo mail because you have to get into the new mail first in order to change back. So I’m in Yahoo’s Catch-22 purgatory. Sure glad I never used my Yahoo address for anything IMPORTANT and never bought into their paid mail service.
This is typical of a megacorpse, er mega corporation. They get too big to listen to anyone. I’ve been a partner wth Apple and with AOL and both we’re great in the early days. Then $$$ took over…
One last thing: Please vote Republican. Let’s get this corporate Armageddon thing back on track.

Comment by murkme — October 11, 2006

Just tried out the beta, and liked it. Rather than go for a complete overhaul in look , approach and features (well there is an overhaul, but they’ve done it on lines of a desktop client so the user wont need much time understanding and could easily migrate to new features.), theyve kept the basics allright. I like what i see and i expect more bells and whistles to roll in soon. Speed needs to be improved though – wonder how it performs on slower connections.

It definetly is an intuitive use of the screen. Something id like to see is non-precision drag-drop. If my dad – who finds it difficult to precisely drop a dragged object, im sure he will move out. Features allowing switching-on assistance will greatly help. Probably a checkbox that says “i need extra assistance” early on, and once done, the target area for the drag-drop example above would have increased, or perhaps intuitive boxes open out on drop with options that could be checked ..Just thinking loud on features i expect yahoo to have sooner than later if they need to be in the game and up there..Considering the reach they have, they are also asking people to move to the AJAX way of doing things. More the merrier should be the mantra, and efforts for the same need to be high on the priority list..

Comment by Arun Menon — October 13, 2006

I feature I miss on the old Yahoo is the advanced search. You can only to a broad search with the new interface.

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this is good news… but, the ajax version of yahoo mail is not good for slow connection… its really slow.

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