Thursday, February 9th, 2006

Yahoo! Photos Reloaded

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Michael Arrington got to see the new Yahoo! Photos which immediately shows you how the Oddpost library is kicking in (e.g. it looks like new Yahoo! Mail).

We also see the cross-polination from another Yahoo! purchas, Flickr.

So all in all, Yahoo! Photos looks like it has the Ajaxiness of Oddpost, and the Web 2.0-iness of Flickr.

NOTE: You may wonder why Yahoo! has this photos product when they have Flickr. Michael says it all:

But what most people don’t know (I didn’t) is that around 30 million unique monthly visitors come to Yahoo Photos (the other Yahoo photo service) v. about 8 million on Flickr. Flickr has mind share; Yahoo Photos is driving real (unique) traffic.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:54 am

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So, why is yahoo continuing to develop Y! photos if they’ve already got the #1 photo sharing site in Flickr?

Comment by Greg Bair — February 9, 2006

Ok, after reading the actual article, I withdraw my last comment.

Comment by Greg Bair — February 9, 2006

It still seems like they should integrate, however I’d hate to see Flickr get muddied by a merge.

A friend recently moved from Yahoo to Flickr, but couldn’t transfer between them.

If I were Yahoo (that’ll be the day) I’d consider using the Flickr API to power Yahoo Photos…. then they could be combined technically, but have split interfaces.

Comment by Daniel Morrison — February 9, 2006

BTW, the full demo is available at:

Much cooler live!

Comment by Bill Scott — February 9, 2006

[…] Yahoo! Photos reloaded. I’m glad or not falling for the Flickr Pro subscription. Yahoo! Photos allows unlimited photo storage. With Web 2.0 functionality, it’s awsome. […]

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I love the image resize effect when dragged, and the show only the images which are visable part.

Like Yahoo! Mail i am anxious to see this live.

Comment by Tom Mulder — February 10, 2006

When will we see this new version of Yahoo! Photos?

Comment by Bulldoza — April 2, 2006

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