Saturday, August 19th, 2006

Yahoo! Photos: Relaunched

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Back in June we talked about how Yahoo! Photos: will be relaunching and it has happened.

What are the most interesting features?

  • Slick new interface with drag-and-drop, tagging and search features to really help simplify organization
  • The ability to download high-resolution photos and order prints online for pick-up at local Target stores
  • Great sharing capabilities through integration with Yahoo! Mail, Messenger, Mobile and 360
  • The ability to comment, rate and tag photos really helps foster interaction

10 Cool Things about it:

  1. Drag And Drop/Selection Model
  2. Keyboard Shortcuts
  3. Inline Editing
  4. New User Tips
  5. Animation and Eye Candy
  6. Progressive Loading
  7. Upload Tools
  8. Messenger Integration
  9. Target Store Locator
  10. YUI Connection Manager Usage

Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:32 pm

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Comment by Mike Ritchie — August 21, 2006

Wow. Thats one of the most innovative interfaces I have seen in quite some time. Kudos once again to Yahoo. I still find it weird that they developed all of this alongside of flickr.

Comment by Sean — August 22, 2006

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