Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

Yahoo! Store: Rich YUI Version

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Dustin Diaz is a UI engineer at Yahoo! that worked on two new setup wizards to help design your store and add items into your product database.

My specific area of development was channeled into the Design Wizard which allows a merchant to choose between various custom designed templates or pick a generic design with modified colors and/or layouts. My utilities of choice were heavily influenced by the tasks that needed to get done, and with that said, here is a brief overview of how I included each one into our application.

His work includes:

  • Using the DOM Collection util to essentially manage styles in the DOM by getting and setting the various colors of the template when choosing a particular color palette (theme)
  • The second (and perhaps obvious) utility of choice is the Event manager which almost always seems to go hand-in-hand with the DOM utility. This made for simple event attachment by allowing me to batch events to several elements at once
  • Animation: Let me be the 1,000th person to say this; Not all animation is tasteful animation. This is perhaps why we went through several iterations of what constitutes a helpful animation. Often times when modifying the DOM when a user least expects to see a change, that may very well be the best time to add a bit of animation or a doohicky of some sort to let the user know that something is happening.
  • Connection Manager: Load in content via Ajax and the connection manager.

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Great job, Y!guys, but now I have to rewrite pages and pages of my Dummies book! ;) — Rob

Comment by Rob Snell — October 25, 2006

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