Thursday, November 30th, 2006

Yahoo! TV: Ajax’d up Beta

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Yahoo! TV has had a face lift. and it has a lot of the usual suspects from YUI:

Nice smooth tabs:

Yahoo! TV Tabs

A carousel for picks, and a mini tv listings on the right side:

Yahoo! TV Carousels

The full tv listings show up on demand as you scroll down:

Yahoo! TV Beta

Some are not too enthused. Dave Winer commented:

Yahoo says they improved Yahoo TV, but imho, they broke it. The listings page, which until today was the only page I knew or cared about (they just added a bunch of community features) took a few seconds to load, now it’s an Ajax thing, and it loads as you scroll. Great. There’s a delay every time I hit Page Down. Now instead of finding out if there’s anything on in seconds it takes minutes. That’s an improvement?

The listings issue could be solved by a) loading the entire thing again, or by staying ahead of the game a bit, as then you wouldn’t notice (e.g. eagerly load at least one section).

What do you think of the new look?

Posted by Dion Almaer at 2:30 pm

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Yeah, it’s not hard to avoid the delay on pagedown by pre-loading at least one or two pages beyond the current viewing line.

Comment by Trevor — November 30, 2006

Those “nice smooth tabs” seem to be done in Flash.

Comment by Drew — November 30, 2006

I have to agree the look is clean and pretty but the site is slow and has actually become pretty much usless on my machine. I hope this is just a busy time and that is the reason it is slow, if not this is an example of why too much AJAX can be bad.

Comment by Mike Benner — November 30, 2006

[…] (thanks ajaxian) […]

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Yahoo TV – YUI

Since Yahoo finally started re-design there web site’s look and feel, so far I’m very impressed and loving it. The new Yahoo TV UI looks soooo clean. Although it is kinda like a mac, but that’s okay, still clean and crisp.
They are us…

Trackback by Programming in the State of 70% Drunkeness — November 30, 2006

Dave Winer is right. They took a useful page and made it unusable (at least, I won’t be using it anymore). I often I load up the page to check out what’s on TBS or ESPN or some other specific channel way down the dial… waiting a long time for it to load–I might as well just wait for the listing to scroll by on the TV Guide channel.

Along with the new Mail app, Yahoo has recently been adept at making very pretty but unusably slow applications.

Comment by Josh — November 30, 2006

A nice tabs with fx:

and a timeline like that:

Comment by Jully — November 30, 2006

Blech! Makes me very happy that I found someone else a long while ago.

First, like the old YTV, it’s fixed-width. There’s a lot of text to squeeze into a TV listing grid, and limiting the usable size of the page like that doesn’t help.

Then, what, ads every SIX LINES? I understand, they’ve gotta pay. But, with about 20% or so of the (usable) width of the window taken up for ads, do they have to be inserted inline so often?

The pagination mentioned is HORRIBLE. I don’t need to expand.

Then, there’s something horribly buggy. Thing feels like at least half empty space on my screen:

Last, yes, it’s very common for the first line of one group of six to be a duplicate of the last line of the previous group. Not every time, so whether it’s supposed to be there or not, it’s a bug.

(So, later on down the page, the groups grow to ten-ish lines per. And it just about fills the blank space left above, that way. Again, either way, bugs bugs.)

Comment by Anthony Lieuallen — November 30, 2006

Damn, I used to use Yahoo TV specifically because it was simple and fast. Now, scrolling down, left or right, clicking on a time slot — the animations and responses are all slow and cumbersome (Firefox on a Macbook).

They took something simple — a grid — and way overdid it. It they kept the markup lightweight, loaded the whole page, and gave a simple DHTML popup for details, it would be so much nicer. This might work in a few years when JavaScript becomes super-optimized and fast, but it doesn’t now.

Also, they cluttered up the front page and moved the main reason I visit the site — TV listings — below the fold and on the right sidebar, with a tiny link for localizing it. Frick.

Comment by Justin Kramer — November 30, 2006

While AJAX is useful and helps to build more interactive and usable websites, it can still be a pain and be inaccessible.

OK, fine. The interface looks good, but with that loading on a page down is going backwards in terms of accessibility and usability. And, in this case, speed. Effective usage of AJAX is to reduce speed, not increase it.

Comment by Shahid Shah — December 1, 2006

Not a fan myself. Sure the clean look is nice, but the TV listings area is the only part of the site I would ever use. Now I see the first 5 or so channels and the rest of the screen is a blank white slate. I would file this in the “overuse” category.

Comment by Vernon — December 1, 2006

They managed to take everything people hate about Flash and reproduce it in Ajax. What a disaster.

Yahoo might look good, but it sure as hell doesn’t work good. I feel like they are making a concerted effort to drive away everyone without a bleeding edge machine. So fine, I’m gone. I’ll get headlines from CNN and TV listings from Zap2It.

Comment by CrackWilding — December 1, 2006

Horrible. Not only did it not save my favorite channels, but it doesn’t give me an option for broadcast, instead assuming I have cable. I’m replacing my bookmark to Yahoo! TV with one for Zap2it.

Comment by Editrix — December 1, 2006

I have to agree that this change has nullified the site’s usefulness. I decided to go back to, and found that they have also redesigned since I last used them. It’s a very nice looking page, pretty quick loading. So in the end, I guess I’m glad yahoo broke their page. It forced me to make a change for the better.

Comment by Brade — December 1, 2006

it takes forever to load. nothing was wrong with the old layout

Comment by steve — December 1, 2006

Terrible. I actually bookmarked the listings page because the intro page was pretty useless; now it’s actually twice as useless and annoying.

Talk about a lack of self-restraint.

Comment by Ivan — December 2, 2006

Yahoo broke the TV listings. Comments here and on many other sources are 95% negative. Curious to see of Yahoo management listens to the market, realizes their mistake, and fixes it with a retro.

In the meantime, they led me to Pretty close to the old Yahoo.

Comment by Ryan — December 2, 2006

I hate the new TV page…. takes so long to load and you have to wait…… most of the shows are not interactive, you can’t click on a network or channel to see what’s on that day… what a waste… guess it will be leaving my homepage….

Comment by Lory — December 3, 2006

The new inefficient yahoo! TV page is nothing but a headache. I am going to find a different site. If anyone has a suggestion, I’d appreciate it.

Comment by Kevin — December 5, 2006

They are horrible. Beside everything else already mentioned; for me the new site won’t even list shows that are on right now. It lists shows that are on tomorrow with a time (also tomorrow) that doesn’t match.
Screen Capture:
Notice Late Night with Conan beginning at 8:00 AM
I’m especially disappointed because I use to use Yahoo TV Listings to program my Tivo.

Comment by Steve — December 12, 2006

This blog provides an accurate, objective critique of the new Yahoo! TV…

Comment by pillowfactory — December 12, 2006

I agree with almost all the comments on the problems of the new Yahoo TV; but the one problem that is overwhelming for me is that there no longer is a connection to Yahoo Calendar so you no longer can make your personal guide for the week.

Comment by joe — December 14, 2006

I agree with the negative comments – I’ve switched. Too slow, poor load speed . . . etc, etc.

Ajax is becoming a very hated program as it is misused in this manner resulting in people avoiding the site. Is that they goal when Ajax was used to overhaul this site – if chasing people is the goal, congrats, you’ve succeeded.

Comment by freddy — December 17, 2006

Yahoo TV, somebody cap it’s ass. Zap2it’s my bi-yotch now. It ain’t all that, but it ain’t gonna be no Ho to Beta. That skank.

Comment by Robert — February 22, 2007

I was under the impression that the new TV Listings app was a Flex app. I know that the Yahoo Maps app was done in Flex, maybe I’m just mistaken….

But yes, to join in the chorus of negativity…Yahoo has made it so absolutely slow that I have gone elsewhere to check TV Listings.

Comment by Michael — March 6, 2007

I also used Yahoo TV for years after I migrated over to My Yahoo from My Excite. The old Yahoo TV was fast, fairly accurate, fairly up-to-date, and the ad content wasn’t invasive.

My beef with the new Yahoo TV is that it’s flat-out broken for me. If I even manage to get local listings, they’re shown in eastern time. It’s current, but when I’m looking for “what’s on now” at 6:00, the time bar is set to 8:00.

Even worse – I couldn’t find any feedback button/link. The site said it was in ‘beta’. But ‘beta’ suggests a desire for feedback, but I couldn’t find anywhere to submit information about the problems I was experiencing. Sure, the site looks slick. But it’s now such a pain to get my preferred list of channels displayed with the right showtimes. I too have gone elsewhere.

Comment by Jeff Shell — March 9, 2007

I used to run UNIX shell scripts against YTV to send myself emails with the college football, college basketball, racing and other programs on. That still worked up until last week and my script started to get errors. Now I’m looking for a new place to get text listings (i.e. I can edit the URL to search for programs and sed/awk out the info I want. As much as I hate MS, I use MSN TV now. I’m anti-MS (I’d have a Linux box at home if my wife wasn’t a whimp when it came to computers).

Comment by Jeff — July 4, 2007

Along with the new Mail app, Yahoo has recently been adept at making very pretty but unusably slow applications.

Comment by coskunlar — April 27, 2009

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