Friday, May 4th, 2007

Yellow Bot: Local Search

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Yellow Bot is a local search solution that cries Web 2.0.

You have map mashups everywhere, including on the search results.

The project makes a heavy use of Ajax technologies. View source to see YUI, jQuery, thickbox, and much much more.

Yellow Bot

Posted by Dion Almaer at 3:47 pm

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The problem with this and all other Yellow Page sites out there is that they are powered by yellow page data. Businesses have to pay to be in the index. So if you search for pizza places and Mario’s down the street is the best pizza in town but they didn’t pay to be in the index, then you will never find Mario’s.

This is why I think Google and Yahoo local have much more relevant listings. They index everything they can get their hands on. Not just paid advertise content.

Comment by Duder — May 4, 2007

To duder’s point, this app fails to find the largest public swimming pool in NYC if you query “swimming” in “NYC” …

Comment by JoeBoy — May 4, 2007

Duder, we don’t let anyone pay to get in the index (or get a favorable position in our search results). You must have us confused with one of the “bad yellowpages”. ;-)

JoeBoy – yeah, we are missing places like this still. Currently we’re only processing locations with a phone number. We are working on getting that changed, of course. :-) If the swimming pool does have a phone number (if there’s an office basically) then you can add it on our “submit a business” link and it will get into our index…

Thanks for trying out our site! It’s brand new, so there are still some “rough edges”, but we are typing fixes and changes to our code (Perl, Javascript and CSS) as quickly as we can. :-)

– Ask (CTO YellowBot)

Comment by Ask Bjørn Hansen — May 4, 2007

Hi Ask,
I went to the search page and saw the map link. I clicked on it and saw the cool spotlight effect. How did you do that? I don’t think anyone else does that and would like to put it on my mashup site.

Comment by flubber — May 4, 2007


Comment by sudhir — May 5, 2007

Wow! Very cool spotlight effect! It looks the best in IE though.

flubber: it looks like canvas is being used for the Safari effect but I don’t know what is going on in IE. Ask?

Comment by mike — May 5, 2007

In addition the yellowpage type listings they reviews from CitySearch. For a company I work with they have CitySearch reviews that have been removed from CitySearch’s own website due to violation of their terms.

I wonder if they have some relationship with CitySearch or just using an old crawl. If they are not working with CitySearch, seems like a huge copyright issue.

Comment by dan — May 6, 2007

mike & flubber,

I don’t remember exactly how we did the spotlight thing actually. It might be using an effect from YUI (just adding a layer on top of everything else).

Of course I’m pretty sure getting the details right, as always with this stuff, involved a lot of swearing and “head banging against wall” from one of my colleagues.


– ask

Comment by Ask Bjørn Hansen — May 22, 2007

local search is pretty cool i use a local site and magazine very useful and good looking too lol

Comment by danny Lavic — May 24, 2007

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