Thursday, November 16th, 2006

Yhc/JavaScript: Write apps in Haskell

Category: JavaScript, Library

We have converters that allow us to stay in Java-land, Ruby-land, and others. Now we have a new kid on the generator block: Yhc/Javascript.

Yhc/Javascript is aimed to create a tool that generates Javascript out of a binary Yhc core file. The ability to convert an arbitrary Haskell source into Javascript makes it possible to execute Haskell programs in a Web browser. This, in turn, allows for development of both client and server sides of an Internet application entirely in Haskell.

Check out the Simple Echo Demo.

For fun, do a view source on that page :)

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:05 am

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according to FF, that page weighs in at 139.61 kB?!?!

Comment by ApocalypseCow — November 16, 2006

Holy massive amounts of JavaScript Batman!

Comment by Robin — November 16, 2006

what in god’s name is that thing? 136K to take text into a text box and put it on the page? Talk about going around your ass to get to your elbow.

Comment by Snootz — November 16, 2006

It looks like a nice, though incomplete system. For example, algebraic types – one of the most useful and powerful bits of Haskell, are not present, effectively reducing Haskell to a dynamically typed language (if I understand their project page correctly). I’m less worried by the high page size – that seems to be because the page includes the uncompressed standard library and execution engine – doubling the size of the demo application would not double the size of the generated source.

Comment by Bernard Sumption — November 16, 2006

Snootz, I think the value of experimental research is lost on you…

Comment by Damien H — April 2, 2007

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