Thursday, April 12th, 2007

YUI 2.2.1: onDOMReady and more

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The latest YUI release is out there, 2.2.1.

Although it is primarily a bug fix release, there are some important additions.


We’re happy to announce the inclusion of the onDOMReady event in the Event utility! Now YUI developers can execute their JavaScript when the DOM loads, and before everything else loads too. This utility also provides the onAvailable event, which fires when a specified DOM node loads, and the onContentReady event, which fires when a specified DOM node, plus all of its children, loads.

The browser support has also changed a little, with support for Firefox 2.x and IE 7 on Vista.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:37 am

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I thought they already had a onDomReady? I am wrong?

Comment by didnttheyhavethis — April 12, 2007

Ext has had onDomReady but not YUI. YUI Just had the onAvailable and onContentReady events.

Comment by Justin Kramer — April 12, 2007

is anyone planning on standardizing this at the DOM API level, now that every library has their own version?

Comment by carmen — April 12, 2007 is targeting to standardize core Javascript functionalities when different Libraries are used within one site.

Comment by Bernd Matzner — April 14, 2007

Isn’t jQuery’s document.ready() the same thing?
And jQuery has had that one for a while.

Also Nifty Corners had a ondomready (well something similar) function.

Comment by Matt — April 17, 2007

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