Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

YUI 2.3.1 released: Eases customization, RTE performance increase and bug fixes

The YUI team pushed out another release of the Yahoo! UI library. This release contains a number of enhancements to existing controls:

  • DataTable: CSS updates for better support of resizable columns and resolution of selection model issues as a result of eliminating ambiguous ID and index usage
  • Rich Text Editor: Additional methods, CSS updates for easier customization, performance enhancements, and bug fixes
  • Container: Updates to Z-index handling, ordering of containers rendered to the document’s Body element, and bug fixes
  • Grids: Improved precision and consistency of margins in nested grids
  • Slider: Updates to event handling

Catch the full details of this release at the YUI blog and download this new release at the YUI download page.

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Posted by Rey Bango at 5:03 pm

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I like the rich text editor: it’s not as feature-rich as TinyMCE, but it looks good, works well in all browsers and it’s now easier to customize. They have some cool examples of different usage scenarios here:

Comment by Jep Castelein — September 19, 2007

I tried all of those examples just now, and none of them let me do anything. I highlighted a word and changed the format… but nothing changed. I am not even able to enter text into the Rich Text Editor. FYI Windows XP with Firefox

I want it to work, but no luck :(

Comment by Chad — September 20, 2007

Just had fast look over their HTML editor…. no use! its useful only if you have couple of sentences. I just tried with the usual few MB content I deal with FCKEditor.
Also it might be configuration but its dealing strange with HTML tags!

Thanks but no thanks :)

Comment by — September 20, 2007

Their reactor is useful, its made the way you can add additional features by yourself, which is a great idea in my opinion.

If you want something you cant use check out dojo’s editor, that wont work with opera, and other stuff that breakes.

Comment by Marcin — September 20, 2007

As mentioned above – FCKEditor Rules!

Comment by Nikita Kapustin — September 23, 2007

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