Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

YUI 2.5 released – Layout Manager, File Uploader and graphical JavaScript Profiler – and that is just the start

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Layout Manager in action - build your own Yahoo Mail

Version 2.5 of the Yahoo User Interface Library (YUI) was released today. You can get all the details on the official blog post, but here’s the “change log”:

  • The new Layout Manager allows you to create multi-pane user interfaces that are collapsible and resizable.
  • The Flash-enhanced File Uploader control might be known to you from Flickr and and allows you to easily batch-upload files and images with progress bars.
  • The JavaScript Profiler now has a graphical front-end to make the information more easily understandable
  • The YUI Data Table performs faster and got new features, including horizontal and vertical scrolling, a paginator class, drag and drop columns and an API to access, add and remove columns.
  • The Image Cropper control allows you to pick a part of an image to be cropped server-side
  • The Cookie Controller provides a wrapper for all things to do with cookies
  • The Slider Control got updated to support multiple handles to define a range rather than just a state.

In addition to that, some of the components left beta status. These are the Get Utility to retrieve scripts and style sheets on the fly, the ColorPicker Control, the JSON Utility to validate JSON, the ImageLoader Utility to load images on-demand to increase page performance and the YUI Test Utility.

The really detailed report on all the changes is available on the YUI list/forum.

If you want to have a quick glimpse of what the Layout Control allows you to create, check out the demo application interface simulating simulating Yahoo Mail.

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yeah, I love YUI!

congrats to the YUI team!

– Del

Comment by Maxivida — February 20, 2008

Looks nice. The sorting is really slow for some reason.

Comment by ziggy — February 21, 2008

Yeap, on first look it looks very good.

But its extremaly slow for me….
if you try to for example order column, and than do something…
This is the reason what I’m afraid about ajax and complex pro applications.
Dont get me wrong, i’m into ajax… i know we have very advanced app library like extjs, yui… (respect for creators of this libs)
I’m using ajax often, but more for a widgets or a part of application or web sites not for whole application because of speed of javascript and browser rendering
Comparing ajax to flex… i think flex will be the winner if the browsers and javascript will not get a huge speed boost. Mayby AIR will give some boost for ajax applications.
Right know when i saw this yui example, and just before i was working on some flex application… hmmm there is just no comparison at all.. :(

(sorry for my poor english but i tring best i can ;)))


Comment by hermanegildos — February 21, 2008

Nice, It still far behind ExtJS for visual component for the rest it’s a real treasor chest :)

Comment by dxd — February 21, 2008

YUI and Ext are my two true loves!

Comment by GMFlash — February 21, 2008

This is an incredible development! We utilize YUI for the vast majority of our javascript needs on my current project but experimented recently with Ext. There is definitely more in Ext but that comes at the cost of simplicity. YUI has traditionally been very easy to implement whereas the same cannot be said of Ext. I’d love to see these kinds of activities taking place over at jQuery!

Comment by seancallan — February 22, 2008

I guess that depends on what your definition of easy is.

Comment by DigitalSkyline — February 22, 2008

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