Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

YUI 2.6.0 Released: Carousels, Paginators, and lots of examples

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Nate Koechley has announced YUI 2.6.0 final:

2.6.0 introduces a new Carousel Control, offers the Paginator Control for general use (it was previously bundled with DataTable), includes more than 450 total fixes, enhancements and optimizations, graduates eight components out of “beta,” and now ships with more than 290 functional examples.

To go along with the carousel and paginator controls, you will also find details on updates too: TreeView, Calendar, Rich Text Editor, Drag & Drop, Uploader, DataTable, AutoComplete, and Container.

With Christian around, you can be sure that accessibility is taken seriously, and we see improvements there:

We’ve continued to work hard to make YUI accessible. The Carousel, Button, Menu, TabView, and Container all have enhanced accessibility support in addition to what’s otherwise noted in this blog post. We continue to count accessibility amongst our highest priorities; stay tuned for a few more blog posts on the topic in the coming days and weeks.

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Great release. Evolutionary step. Still waiting for YUI 3.0, looks even more promising.

Comment by michalfrackowiak — October 2, 2008

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