Thursday, September 17th, 2009

YUI 2.8.0 – Local Storage wrapper, better Flash interaction, crossdomain connections and progress bars

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Yahoo this week announced the new release of the Yahooo User Interface library. This is great because it answers the question if the 2.x library is still being maintained whilst 3.0 is out and buzzing. The detailed release notes for YUI 2.8.0 show that there is indeed a lot of maintenance and improvement still being done.

Some of the highlights of the new release are four new components – the Storage Utility, SWFStore Utility, SWF Utility, and the ProgressBar Control.

The Storage Utility is a wrapper for local storage supporting Google Gears, Flash or HTML5 and was submitted by Matt Snider who works for

The SWFStore utility, written by Alaric Cole provides a predictable API for interaction of Flash and JavaScript whilst Allen Rabinovic’s SWF Utility is a more granular way of embedding Flash in web sites than SWFobject.

The ProgressBar control by Daniel Barreiro aka Satyam is another example of just how detailed YUI controls are when it comes to exposing custom events. This allows you to either use it out of the box or extend it by overwriting only what you need rather than messing around with the main code of the control.

Other noteworthy changes in YUI with the 2.8.0 release are an extension to the event handling component to support event delegation without having to write it in detail, the connection manager supporting crossdomain requests and getting cut up into smaller on-demand components, and the Carousel control getting a “gallery style”.

Check out the more in-depth overview on the YUI blog.

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