Monday, September 25th, 2006

YUI Ajax phpBB

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Jack Slocum of Yahoo! has created an Ajax front end to phpBB that looks a lot like Yahoo! Mail, and applications in general.

YUI Ajax phpBB

(via Alexander Kirk)

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:05 pm

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Purely awesome. Jack Slocum just raised the bar. The app works just a like SWT, Swing or any other desktop app. Add support for context menu, then no one can really tell.

Comment by Kevin Hoang Le — September 25, 2006

Wowee. This is fantastic stuff. Operates just like a desktop app! Very impressive indeed.

Well done!

Comment by Brad — September 26, 2006

I would have to agree, that looks incredible.
The most amazing part is this quote “in a few hours worth of work I was able to create an Ajax front end for this forum”

Awesome job.

Comment by Diego — September 26, 2006

Looks great!! I myself was thinking about working on an ajax based forum some 7 months back but did n’t get much time to actually make it work..

Comment by Vivek Jani — September 27, 2006

Apparently there is a big power outage in Santa Monica where my hosting provider is and the site is down until they get power.

Comment by Jack Slocum — September 29, 2006

[…] YUI Ajax phpBB Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Library blogger Jack Slocum has put together an impressive interface for phpBB that looks like a desktop email app. It needs a fallback mode of operation for users with JavaScript disabled, but otherwise it’s way cool! (tags: javascript ajax yahoo!) […]

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Comment by cosisonoio — February 10, 2007

very good, inspired me alot for my new forum


Comment by jason — April 9, 2007

absolutely great. learn a lot from this forum.

Comment by Kay — June 25, 2007

This is really sweet, lovely use of AJAX

Comment by Jason — August 1, 2007

wow it looks great. ajax rules.

Comment by Nepal's News — October 15, 2007

Any idea why the screen shot and the link are no longer available? Where can I find this now?


Kerry B. Rogers

Comment by WordTickler — October 10, 2009

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