Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

YUI3 PR2 now available – extendable with own widgets and plugins

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Over at the YUI blog Satyen Desai just announced the release of YUI3 PR2. The main changes are that the widgets from YUI2 are now all getting ported over to the new, leaner YUI3 architecture and that the team made it much easier to write your own YUI widgets and plugins extending the existing ones.

YUI3 widget architecture

Those who played with the YUI2 Rich Text Editor already got a flavour of how that works. If you are interested in the overall direction of YUI3, check out the video explaining YUI3’s ideas and plans.

Posted by Chris Heilmann at 3:53 am
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This is really great news about the great library. Sure we would like to see the final (or at least release candidate) ASAP, but it looks like YUI3 will be one of the best JS libs our there, just as YUI2 is.

Provided we will still use JS libraries by the time ;-)

Comment by michalfrackowiak — December 10, 2008

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