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Zephyr: Ajax MVC Framework for PHP

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Zephyr is a fairly new Ajax-based MVC framework for PHP. It builds on the Smarty template engine, DAL data access layer, CPAINT remoting framework, and Prototype Javascript library.

The project has just entered beta 2.0, and maintainer Hasin Hayder sent us a summary of the improvements.

1. Prototype is now a part of Zephyr
2. SQLite support
3. Multilevel Filters
4. Multiple pre action processors
5. Supports Multiple database concurrently (From same/different providers)
6. Overall performance tuning
7. Embeded script execution
8. Multibyte strings are supported
9. Package Initializers

Posted by Michael Mahemoff at 2:53 am

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Trackback by Jason Haley — April 16, 2006


Comment by test — April 16, 2006


Comment by test — April 16, 2006


Comment by — April 16, 2006

Special Thanks to Hasin. This is really beatiful and minimizes lot of headache of AJAX programming. I LOVE IT.

Comment by Xavier — April 17, 2006

A great job.It’s so structured which can make easier working on Ajax for PHP coder.

Comment by Wasi — April 17, 2006

Is this framework working without “smarty”? Because I do not have “smarty” install in my “easyPHP” and there is no guide for it.

Comment by Jardin — April 18, 2006

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Zephyr: Ajax MVC Framework for PHP Builds on the Smarty template engine, DAL data access layer, CPAINT remoting framework, and Prototype Javascript library. (tags: php ajax prototype) Google Code – Sitemaps Third Party Programs & Websites (tags: googl…

Trackback by Full Speed — April 18, 2006

Really it’s a new aspect for php programming.
so it enhances the php features.
so thanks to hasin vai.

Comment by mohin — April 19, 2006

Actually smarty is bundled with zephyr. So it does not need to setup smarty separately.

Comment by Hasin Hayder — April 19, 2006

Nice job. I hope the next version will be more featured. Carry on.

Comment by Rupom — April 21, 2006

I’ve been looking at Zephyr for an hour or so and can’t make head or tail of it, I may have to wait for more intelligent developers to pave the way for me. By contrast I got something up and running with Smarty in a short time yesterday. Zephyr seems to have too much set up, kind of like Ruby. By the time I finish setting up the packages and multiple tpl files I will have forgotten what I set out to do! Anyone know of tutorials or examples of Zephyr in action?

Comment by Dale — May 4, 2006

Hello Rupom
When you are in touch of frameworks, it will always require some time to get familiar with. Almost every framework require some sort of learning curve. So as zephyr. Zephyr’s core objective was how we can achive the facilities of an MVC framework with the flavour of AJAX. Thats it. Zephyr comes with step by step instruction to kick start and rich documentation.

You can easily develop a complete site in a single file – or with slight separation of presentation layer as you told, but that lacks one core purpose of MVC, which is called maintainability.

You may check some other AJAX MVC framework like CodeIgniter, Symphony or CakePHP for RnD.

Hasin Hayder

Comment by Hasin Hayder — May 5, 2006

Oh Sorry, The last comment was posted for Dale. Sorry again.

Comment by Hasin Hayder — May 5, 2006

i love this framework… i always thought ajax will either break up PHP files into functions and will scatter it all over the place, tiny scriptlets… or will force me to build a huge file with all the functions in it…. but this one has a structured naming and directory structure. makes it easy to manage code… no need to scatter it all over the place… a smart kid of PHP & AJAX ..!! ;) well done hasin.!

Comment by dino — May 17, 2006


Comment by asdas — July 19, 2006

DAL is not the name of the data access layer. The post reads as if DAL is a product name and not just an abbreviation. Zephyr uses ADODB for the data access layer (DAL).

Comment by Kenan — August 3, 2006


Comment by 3333333 — November 19, 2006

I ‘m very new to any PHP Framework. Can anyone guide me how to get started with it. I heard of Ajaxian on google and reached here. I will require some gud tutorials for dat. Can any one mail as an attachment or d link?
It will be of great help to me

a.k.vora [at] Gmail [dot] com


Comment by Ashit Vora — August 19, 2007

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