Thursday, September 18th, 2008

ZK 3.5 Released with Comet Support

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ZK 3.5, the latest version of the server-side Ajax framework, is out with a raft of new features. Three of those features really stand out for me:

  • Comet server push
  • Customization of look and feel
  • Performance monitoring

Server push via polling has been available in ZK for a while, and Comet in the ZK “Enterprise Edition,” but now it is available to everyone. And it is pretty easy to use: “The implementation of server push is transparent to developers. ZK chooses which implementation to use according to the edition of ZK automatically, but it is configurable.”

Customization of look and feel has gotten much easier. ZK has followed the example of a number of other frameworks in styling its widgets with predictably named CSS styles. Changing the look and feel of an application is now as easy as changing the ZK widget style sheet. Styles can further be overridden on a widget instance-by-instance basis.

Performance monitoring is perhaps the most exciting new feature. Client-side tools such as YSlow can guide optimization efforts and give you point in time performance snapshots. But critical applications need to be monitored and tracked end to end over their lifespan. With ZK 3.5, you now have the plumbing to instrument your application to capture five data points for each request:

  • T1, the time browser sends a request to server
  • T2, the time server receives a request
  • T3, the time server sends a request to browser
  • T4, the time browser receives a request from server
  • T5, the time the browser finishes processing a request

ZKStudio 0.8.2

There’s also a new version of ZKStudio for Eclipse out. The major change is that it now supports auto update via

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ZK likes to compare themselves to ICEfaces, but when it comes to Ajax Push-Comet, they simply do not match up. I recently did an assessment of ZK’s Ajax Push capabilities compared to ICEfaces. You can read about it here.


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