Friday, February 26th, 2010

ZooTool by MooTool(s)

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Bastian Allgeier has developed a beautiful, native looking web application called ZooTool.

Zootool is a visual bookmark tool for images, videos, documents and links. It is completely based on Mootools, even though it looks more like a Cappuccino app!

Play with it. Enjoy it.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:25 am

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Thanks for the article! But don’t get the headline wrong, guys. We are not associated with the Mootools-Team. I just love to work with Mootools. The name tries to combine the tool thingy and the idea of collecting stuff from the web in a metaphoric way … and of course it’s an homage to Mootools :-)

Comment by bastianallgeier — February 26, 2010

Be careful when you go to that site. Some of the photographs are most definitely NSFW.

Comment by bentruyman — February 26, 2010

Looks preaty good, byt not working in Opera.

Comment by giker — February 26, 2010

I am working on the NSFW stuff! Sorry for that!!

Comment by bastianallgeier — February 26, 2010

Wow, site looks and operates slick as hell, nice use of Moo fellas!

Comment by csuwldcat — February 26, 2010

It is pretty slick all right. But it has one flaw that is common to sites developed by Mac users. The OK and Cancel buttons are in the wrong order on Windows and Linux – i.e. for the vast majority of potential visitors.

On the Mac, the correct order is:

[Cancel] [OK]

On Windows and Linux (at least all the Linux desktops that I’m familiar with), the correct order is:

[OK] [Cancel]

It won’t feel “native” until these and similar button pairs (such as Yes/No) are in the correct order on each platform – and capitalized properly.

Comment by MG — February 26, 2010

@MG: I’d argue that MS got it wrong and that all Windows users have been preconditioned to accept that unintuitive order…
The intuitive order (for left to right readers) is to have negatives (that let you backtrack/back out of the dialog) first and positives (that will let you proceed through the dialog) last.
It was Dion who used the term “native” – not the Zootool devs themselves.
@Bastian: Nice work!

Comment by rasmusfl0e — February 27, 2010

@rasmusfl0e: I certainly agree with you that this is a nice piece of work. But with regard to the button ordering, it doesn’t matter what you or I think is more intuitive. The fact is that the Windows standard *is* to put OK before Cancel.

Putting the buttons in the opposite order will lead to visitors clicking the wrong button.

But since you mentioned intuitiveness, let me ask you a yes or no question: Have you ever heard anyone say “Let me ask you a no or yes question?”

Comment by MG — March 1, 2010

@MG: The “yes or no” order is based on a natural flow of speech; two consecutive o’es in “no or yes” is simply more awkward to pronounce. It’s not a visual context that has determined the order.

Comment by rasmusfl0e — March 1, 2010

@rasmusfl0e: I don’t know, I can see the “pros and cons” of both sides… “give or take” “more or less” the same situation…

Comment by jlath — March 1, 2010

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