Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

Zudeo: Azureus tries to make money

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Zudeo is a service provided by the guys behind Azureus, to try to make a nice experience behind bittorrent.

Many people love bittorrent, but others curse the reality (no seeds, downloads that take 3 days, etc).

Zudeo.com is a companion website that launches Azureus via Java Web Start at the right moment to do the heavy lifting.

The UI on the web site is similar to what you get inside the Azureus client itself.

When you are used to a big PLAY button on a video, this still seems clunky.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:32 am

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personally i dont like it but thats ust me. It just feals like a really badly done free video store.

Comment by Matt Oakes — December 5, 2006


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Trackback by ukrllezae — December 5, 2006

[…] Zudeo: Azureus tries to make money […]

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I think the developers have either become greedy or paranoid, or a mix of both (more likely). Why didn’t they release this separately of Azureus? It seems like they have changed political and ideological standpoint. I expect a fork soon. And the developers should see Steal This Film (www.stealthisfilm.com)

Comment by Peter — January 3, 2007

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