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Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Brendan Eich: JavaScript 2 and the Future of the Web

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We had the pleasure of having Brendan Eich at the event to give the final keynote. The presentation is online now, but to be honest, it lacks Brendan’s wit. Half of the jokes come in under his breath, and his honesty is a breath of fresh air. You would never think that this is the Read the rest…

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Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

Death of the Desktop by Aza Raskin

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Notes form Aza Raskin’s presentation on Death of the Desktop. Interface Concepts cognetics = ergonomics of the brain 7 +- 2 = amount of things we can keep in our brains habituation – never use a warning when you mean undo people will make mistakes despite any warnings, due to habit hick’s and fitt’s law Read the rest…

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JSONRequest Proposal

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Douglas Crockford of Yahoo, a pioneer of JSON, presented “JSON: The X in Ajax” at The Ajax Experience Tuesday afternoon. In the presentation, Douglas discussed his proposal for native support of a new JavaScript object named JSONRequest. The object would provide a simple API for issuing Ajax requests to exchange JSON data using the following Read the rest…

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Hands on DWR

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Joe Walker (Getahead–DWR) and Bram Smeets (Interface 21–Spring) took a novel approach to their “Hands on DWR” talk at The Ajax Experience: Creating a game – “Multi Player Battleships” live in the session. The concept was very well received – many smiles around the room when the idea was introduced. With Joe talking and Bram Read the rest…

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A Couple Quick Ajax Experience Notes

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if you are taking pictures or blogging the conference…

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Dojo In Depth with Alex Russell

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After a thorough Introduction to Dojo, Alex Russell demonstrated some of the lastest additions to the Dojo Toolkit at The Ajax Experience. Two areas new to Dojo 0.4 stood out. First, dojo.gfx now provides a common API to native 2D graphics across browsers. The API takes advantage of the native SVG support in Firefox 1.5+ Read the rest…

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Unobtrusive Ajax for Rails by Dan Webb

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notes from Dan Webb’s presentation at Ajax Experience

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Kevin Lawver (or is it here?) discussed Microformats this morning at The Ajax Experience. Microformats define ways to make your markup more descriptive, allowing a reader (be it machine or human) to very easily grok the just what you’re getting at. Basically, you know what you’re doing: why don’t you just tell us instead of Read the rest…

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Monday, October 23rd, 2006

Google Web Toolkit – Performance and Interoperability

Category: GWT, The Ajax Experience

The Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is Google’s solution to making Ajax development easy for Java programmers. Google’s Bruce Johnson spoke about GWT at The Ajax Experience on Monday. As we all know, Ajax development introduces some complexities (browser incompatabilities, managing numerous technologies within the page, etc.). GWT is a Java framework that nearly eliminates these Read the rest…

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QEDWiki and ATF

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David Boloker of IBM spoke about QEDWiki at The Ajax Experience on Monday. QEDWiki is still a few months away from being released, but is pursuing the agressive goal of providing the typical business user with a tool to create Ajax-enabled mashups. The product will ship with a number of built-in widgets (synonymous with wiki Read the rest…

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So You Wanna Be a DOM Star

Category: The Ajax Experience, Unobtrusive JS

Aaron Gustafson started several Ajax Experience atendees off on a great note with his presentation entitled ‘So You Wanna Be a DOM Star’. Gustafson stressed a very proactive and pragmatic approach to JavaScript development. His key suggestions included: Understand what your script is attempting to accomplish, and then script your scripts (in other words, don’t Read the rest…

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Where to use WYSIWYG: Abe Fettig

Category: Presentation, RichTextWidget, The Ajax Experience

Abe Fettig works on JotSpot, which has evolved its rich text editor as new releases have come out. People have a love hate relationship with WYSIWYG, especially developers, and Abe started out there: “I didn’t always like WYSIWYG” He starts off redefining what most people think of WYSIWYG. It doesn’t mean Microsoft Word. vi can Read the rest…

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Photos from The Ajax Experience

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James Duncan Davidson is taking photos at the show, and some have already been uploaded:

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Ruining The User Experience

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Being a semi-professional experience ruiner myself, I was attracted to this session with Aaron Gustafson – Easy Designs, LLC at The Ajax Experience). Much of the content was fairly basic “must know” stuff. A little review never hurts though; Besides — if you don’t know this stuff: you really _need_ to know before you get Read the rest…

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Practical Design in Ajax by Sarah Nelson and David Verba

Category: Books, CSS, Design, The Ajax Experience, UI, Usability

Sarah Nelson and David Verba of Adaptive Path presented Practical Design for Ajax, a very good overview of many of the design and user experience issues in web development. They covered a lot of ground in 90 minutes and still had some good concrete examples. There were also several book recommendations to explore issues more Read the rest…

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Animation & Data Visualization in Javascript

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The argument against data visualization in JavaScript is obvious: it’s intense stuff. Potentially millions of computations running continously under the covers is daunting enough – throw in the animation monkeywrench and the prospect of a JavaScript implementation may be just a tad daunting. The answer to the question “Where do we have available CPU cycles?” Read the rest…

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