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Friday, March 31st, 2006

The XMLHttpRequest Reuse Dilemma

Category: Programming, XmlHttpRequest

If you’ve ever been programming along, working with your Ajax connections and wondered why you have to make a new one each time, you’re not alone. Eric Pascarello asked himself the same question and decided to do something out it. He’s written up a simple test Ajax app that just pulls in XML data from Read the rest…

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 8:07 am

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Thursday, March 30th, 2006

Pure-CSS Image Gallery

Category: CSS, Programming

We’ve seen lots of Ajax image galleries and slideshows and, not surprisingly, they invariably make good use of Javascript. But Stu Nichols proves it doesn’t have to be that way – he’s built a functional image gallery in pure CSS (via Digg). His article points out it’s compatible with all the major browsers. Just hover Read the rest…

Posted by Michael Mahemoff at 9:47 pm

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APress Advocates Ajax in Two New Books

Category: Ajax, Programming

Hot on the heels of the momentum that Ajax has generated all across the web, book publishers have been clamoring to get as much Ajax-related material out as they can. They’ve looked at a variety of subjects, ranking in skill level from the basic and the simple all the way out to highly complex, creating Read the rest…

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 2:25 pm
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Building a Web-based Ajax POP3 Client

Category: JavaScript, Programming

Once again, DevArticles is back with a new project that I’ve seen many people ask for as a way to keep on top of their email no matter where they are – an Ajax-enabled POP3 client. This article is the first of a three part series to create a simple app that can grab the Read the rest…

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 7:33 am

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Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

Dollar E: A document.createElement Wrapper

Category: JavaScript, Prototype

Prototype is quickly becoming one of the most widely used Javascript libraries on the web, and with good reason. It sets up a simple interface making common Javascript tasks as simple as a single line of code. Of course, there are some things that Prototype still hasn’t gotten around to yet – such as this Read the rest…

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 7:38 pm

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Big League Battle in Ajax Development

Category: Ajax, Programming, Toolkit

With Ajax still being a relatively new technology (just over a year old – well, the term is anyway), there are will some power struggles among the larger companies to see who will be king of the hill. Two major players, Eclipse and Microsoft, are competing for this leadership, according to this InformationWeek article. The Read the rest…

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 6:52 pm

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Lightbox v2.0 released

Category: JavaScript, Toolkit

Lokesh Dhakar has released version 2.0 of his nifty JavaScript image tool, Lightbox. What’s New in Version 2.0 Image Sets: group related images and navigate through them with ease Visual Effects: fancy pants transitions Backwards Compatibility: yes! The effects are nicely done, and look very similiar to what the guys at alwaysBeta did with it, Read the rest…

Posted by Rob Sanheim at 3:32 pm

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A Live Look at Your Google PageRank

Category: Ajax, Utility

In the eternal quest for getting one’s website where more and more eyes can see it, there’s one number that a large part of the world looks to for the best idea of where they lie – the Google PageRank. According to Google, this number upholds the: uniquely democratic nature of the web by using Read the rest…

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 9:03 am

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Tuesday, March 28th, 2006

Ruby on Rails 1.1 released – RJS Template, Easy XML Serialization, and More

Category: Books, Examples, Library, Prototype, Ruby

Ruby on Rails 1.1 has been released with an impressive set of new features for a point release. For a comprehensive list of new features, check out Scott Raymond’s post or the official annoucement. The Ajax related features include: RJS templates – Javascript generation in Ruby for common Ajax updates. Now in addition to .rhtml Read the rest…

Posted by Rob Sanheim at 11:52 am

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W3C Range for IE

Category: IE, JavaScript, Library

Jorgen Horstink has started to hack away on a W3C Range implementation for Internet Explorer. An example of its usage is: < View plain text > javascript <script src="function.prototype.js" type="text/javascript" /> <script src="range.js" type="text/javascript" /> <script type="text/javascript">   window.onload = function () {     var sel   = new Selection();     var range Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:49 am

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Touchstone: Web Attention on the Desktop

Category: Usability, Web20

After our recent story on NetJaxer, Chris Saad from Touchstone alerted us that he’s working on a similar concept. (T)he idea of having a client-side heads-up-display to web-based apps is one that is a passion of mine. I just wanted to let you know we have a similar solution (and a very firm strategy) that Read the rest…

Posted by Michael Mahemoff at 3:05 am

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Monday, March 27th, 2006

Growing a Javascript Tree

Category: JavaScript, Utility

When debugging your Ajax (or other Javascript) applications, you can never have too much information. Sometimes, it helps to have things all laid out there before you can really see the issue at hand. This handy little script can help you get a better idea of what the Javascript on your page is really like. Read the rest…

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 6:31 pm

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Javascript Windows Enhanced

Several sites make use of simple floating divs to make “windows” on a page, but what if you want something with a bit more refinement to it? With the help of Prototype and the Javascript libraries, this post will show you how to make those popup “windows” sing. This javascript class allows you to Read the rest…

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 6:22 pm

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Jobby Brings Job Hunting into a Web 2.0 World

Category: Showcase

Ever wondered when the online job searching sites would get out of the “old web” and into a more Web 2.0 kind of attitude? Well, a new site, Jobby, is looking to change that image. Jobby is a new way to think about resumes that lets you show off your qualifications and make it easy Read the rest…

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 6:10 pm

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Grazr: Ajax Feed Reading

Category: Showcase

Grazr must be a Web 2.0 company, as it has nuked some vowels, and the ‘zr’ combination is in place. Grazr lets you build a rich Ajax widget for reading RSS feeds which you can then place on your own site. It has some nice effects as you zoom around the feeds, but it would Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 11:35 am

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Google puts the Canvas in IE

Category: Canvas, Editorial

We discussed Canvas in IE when Emil Eklund did a proof of concept. Benjamin Joffe has taken the baton and recently announced that Google has got canvas for IE, and that it will soon be seen on IE 7 doesn’t step up to the plate? Google comes in to finish the job. We will Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:12 am

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