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Monday, March 27th, 2006

Why Mobile Ajax will replace J2ME and XHTML

Category: Articles, Mobile

Ajit Jaokar has an opinion on platforms for mobile devices. He believes that the Ajax programming model will take on a large share of the dev mindshare in the future. In this article he discusses: The limitations of the browsing model on mobile devices and how these are being overcome The impact of Ajax on Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:08 am

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Friday, March 24th, 2006

Dean Edwards and Another Base.js

Category: JavaScript, Library, Tip

Dean Edwards is a smart man, and wasn’t happy with any Base classes out there in various libraries so he wrote his own Base.js. His goals: I want to easily create classes without the MyClass.prototype cruft I want method overloading with intuitive access to the overloaded method (like Java’s super) I want to avoid calling Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:56 pm

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Comet is here with LightStreamer?

Category: Comet, Java, JavaScript, Library, Showcase

Alex Russell coined the term Comet as a way to discuss a different interaction model to standard Ajax. It all sounds good, but how can we implement the server side piece? Should we use Twisted? Apache mods? There is an Italian vendor that has been on this for ~5 years LightStreamer. They have servers that Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:41 am

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Ajax Timeouts with Prototype

Category: Programming, Prototype

Network problems are only one of the difficulties that can plague Ajax applications, but they can be the most difficult to deal with. How can you check, with a Javascript call, to see if the remote host you’re using is down? A simple call to the server won’t work – the connection would just sit Read the rest…

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 9:32 am

3.4 rating from 48 votes – Real-time Social Page Browsing & Chat

Category: Showcase

Social bookmarking sites have changed the face of the web today. They bring links that people might never see to light, and encorage “subscribing” to friends whos links you like. Unfortunately, that’s usually where the interaction stops. People go to your feed and view the links that interest them. There’s no interaction between viewer and Read the rest…

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 8:53 am

3.2 rating from 25 votes An Ajax App Each Week

Category: Business, Office

The much-publicised AjaxWrite is only the beginning for Michael Robertson’s push into Ajax. Further to the release a couple of days ago, here’s some info on their plans: But ajaxWrite is just the start. We have a library of applications we have been working on to replace most of the standard PC software titles. Every Read the rest…

Posted by Michael Mahemoff at 5:14 am

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Thursday, March 23rd, 2006

Writing Your Server-Side Ajax Handler

Category: Ajax, PHP

Following up on his previous article on Ajax templating, Matthew Batchelder has posted the other half of the equation – the PHP script that responds to the Ajax requests. In my recent post on ‘Ajax; Templating; and the Separation of Layout and Logic,’ I refer to an Ajax Handler that sits server side to handle Read the rest…

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 7:11 pm

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Kiko 2.0 Released

Category: Calendar, Showcase

YCombinator’s Kiko team has released a new version that completely revamps the look and feel of the September 2005 beta. Kiko still has the same drag and drop functionality that it had in its beta but now it sports a brand new, and much cleaner, interface and a whole host of new features: Appointment reminders Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 1:06 pm

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ajaxWrite – a Microsoft Word Lookalike Online Editor

Category: Showcase

So you’ve been wanting to get in on the online word processing craze that’s been happening, but you don’t know where to start. Maybe you’ve looked into a few but haven’t felt comfortable with any yet. Well, the ajaxWrite project is looking to change that. They offer an online editor that has the look and Read the rest…

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 9:41 am

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AJAX Delete Confirmation

Category: Ajax, PHP, Programming

If you’ve ever been developing a web application and grown tired of those Javascript popup windows all over the place for deleting items, consider the use of Ajax and a background PHP script to do the work for you. That’s exactly what Joe Vasquez has created in this new blog post from I have Read the rest…

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 8:26 am

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Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006

Excerpt from Professional Ajax covering XML, XPath, and XSLT

Category: Ajax, Books, JavaScript has posted part one of an excerpt from the book Professional Ajax, covering XML, XPath, and XSLT. The chapter covers loading XML into the DOM, using XPath to select nodes, and transforming XML into HTML with XSLT. Here are some reviews from around the web – the general consensus seems to be positive. Sreejith’s Read the rest…

Posted by Rob Sanheim at 10:47 am

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JSEclipse 1.5 released

Category: Java, JavaScript, Toolkit

JSEclipse (covered here previously) has released version 1.5, with a host of new features: Code completion Supports most common JavaScript coding idioms and features from major JavaScript libraries like Dojo and Prototype Uses Rhino for better understanding of JavaScript code Only suggests code from the current project Makes use of JSdoc and inline parameter comments Read the rest…

Posted by Rob Sanheim at 10:05 am

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event:Selectors for Prototype

According to this post on the website, Justin Palmer has released event:Selectors, a “method to cleanly use CSS pseudo selectors to assign DOM events to elements on the page.” The functionality, bearing resemblance to the behaviour.js library, hooks into all of the latest Prototype functionality and adds a few tricks of its own. They Read the rest…

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 7:59 am

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A Simple, Clean DOM Reference

Category: JavaScript, Programming

No matter what your Javascript skill level, there’s times when you just need some good, quality documentation to look to. Unfortunately, a lot of the materials out there covering the DOM in Javascript are overbearing and sometimes just plain confusing. Thankfully, there is a bit of hope out there and it comes in the form Read the rest…

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 7:58 am

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Flex and Ajax: The Hybrid Store

Category: Adobe, Ajax, Flash

With the release of the latest version of Flex from Adobe Labs comes an enhanced version of the Flex-Ajax bridge. It’s this new bridge that Christophe Coenrates investigates in a new post on his blog. As an example of using Ajax and Flex together, I put together a hybrid version of Flexstore: The filter panel Read the rest…

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 7:48 am

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Tuesday, March 21st, 2006

Microsoft’s Mix ’06 Conference

Category: .NET, Mobile, Toolkit, UI

The Ajaxians are at Microsoft’s Mix conference this week. Mix is a new event for Microsoft, designed to target those folks who aren’t the typical attendee of a Microsoft show. The content is basically a primer of what Microsoft is up to, focusing on IE7 and Avalon (WPF). Plenty of other news outlets are covering Read the rest…

Posted by Ben Galbraith at 8:15 pm

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