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Friday, October 14th, 2005

Ajax Framework Comparison

Category: Dojo, Editorial, Prototype

Matt Harrison was talking about making choices between various Ajax toolkits, frameworks, or libraries. He linked over to the OSA foundation and their Survey of AJAX/JavaScript Libraries. Their survey discusses: Dojo DWR JSON-RPC-JAVA MochiKit Prototype Rico SAJAX Scriptaculous Xajax Sack The world of Ajax libs is an interesting one, as they cover various functionality. We Read the rest…

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Microsoft call to action: The demise of CSS hacks and broken pages

Category: IE

Microsoft call to action: The demise of CSS hacks and broken pages The IE 7 team is seeing issues with their new browser, and announced a call to action on our IE hacks. Since developers need so many work arounds due to the IE box model breaking, and weird things, we have hacks galore. However, Read the rest…

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Thursday, October 13th, 2005

Benchmarking XHR vs. IFRAME, and a Neat Hack

Category: Ajax

Now that so many toolkits abstract away the transport used to make Ajaxian requests, one might wonder whether it matters if XHR or a hidden IFRAME is used to communicate with a server. Emil Eklund tackled that question way back in April: More then anything XML HTTP has enabled developers to make background HTTP requests Read the rest…

Posted by Ben Galbraith at 10:09 am

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Browser Caching Behavior Compared

Category: Ajax

We’ve talked about the necessity of using HTTP headers to control caching of content retrieved by XMLHttpRequest on IE. Alexander Kirk takes the conversation a step further with a detailed analysis of: the caching of downloaded code (or On-Demand Javascript, whatever you want to call it). I’ve set up a small testing suite that currently Read the rest…

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Remember the Milk: More TODO

Category: Showcase

We must be getting really organized with all of the TODO list applications that are springing up. The latest to the scene is Remember The Milk, and Rob Sanheim says it best: If you thought tada lists were way too stripped down, give this a try. All sorts of features: tabbed lists, priorites, estimates, recurrance, Read the rest…

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Wednesday, October 12th, 2005

Audible Ajax Episode 4: Alex Russell Interview

Category: Podcasts

We had the pleasure of interviewing Alex Russell of the Dojo project recently. This podcast consists of the state of ajax, and then the first part of a two part interview with Alex. State of Ajax Pragmatic Ajax news Flock: the new browser Google Reader SPARQL and Ajax Flex 2.0 Alex Russell Interview The interview Read the rest…

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Autosave and Undo

Category: Dojo, Editorial

Cristian Vidmar wrote a brief posting on taking care of users with autosave. He talks about how to implement this in iframe and XHR: The AJAX way. Start a timer on the BODY load. At every iteration get the value property of the editing textarea and fire it through an XmlHttpRequest to a server-side saveDraft Read the rest…

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Extending Ajax with the Flash/JavaScript Integration Kit

Category: Articles

Kris Hadlock has written an article on Extending AJAX with the Flash/JavaScript Integration Kit. This fits in with the recent Flex announcements, as it goes through explaining the JavaScript Flash Integration Kit including: FlashProxy <script type=”text/javascript”> var uid = new Date().getTime(); var flashProxy = new FlashProxy(uid, path to…/JavaScriptFlashGateway.swf’); function highlightItem(param, newcolor) {…} </script> Summary Extending Read the rest…

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Tuesday, October 11th, 2005

Weighing up the Rich Client alternatives

Category: Articles

Alexei White has given his opinion on the various rich client technologies out there (Ajax, XUL, XAML, Applets, Flash, and SVG) giving pros and cons to them. He then attempts to answer “Why Ajax now?”: Ajax is a natural choice for four reasons: 1. It solves current business problems. 2. Platform independance. 3. Skill-set comformity. Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:48 am

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ShrinkSafe: Compress your JavaScript

Category: Dojo, Utility

The Dojo Toolkit guys have had a JavaScript compressor for awhile, but you needed to download and run it locally. They just exposed this functionalty as ShrinkSafe, so you can now upload one or more JavaScript files, and they will come back as one compressed file.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:18 am

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Flex 2.0 Family: Framework, Build, Player, ActionScript 3

Category: Flash

It was great to see Kevin Lynch of Macromedia/Adobe get up on stage at Web 2.0 to announce the Flex 2.0 family of technologies. The new Flex includes Flex Framework 2.0, Flex Builder 2.0 (aka Zorn), Flash Player 8.5 and ActionScript 3. Kevin started up talking about Measure Map, the blog stat tool by Adaptive Read the rest…

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Monday, October 10th, 2005

Inquisitor Instant Search

Category: LiveSearch, Showcase

We loved Google Suggest, the Ajax mother compared to Google Maps, the father. Then we saw Yahoo! Instant Search, which was ok…. But now we have the best of both worlds, with a sleek Son of Search: Inquistor Instant Search. It gives you both “are you looking for” info a la Google, and search results Read the rest…

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Ajaxian Blog Example

Category: Showcase

A nice example of drag and drop with Ajax is available at Kjell Bublitz’s blog. You can show and hide sections, and move them around. Also, various actions are available such as clicking on “Options”. It is funny that the one thing that isn’t Ajax, is the commenting. ( via )

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Java object serialization for Ajax

Category: Articles

IBM developerWorks has a nice Java-based Ajax article: Java object serialization for Ajax: If you’re doing Java Web development using Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax), then delivering data from the server to the client is probably your top concern. In this second article in the Ajax for Java developers series, Philip McCarthy walks you through Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:36 am
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Sunday, October 9th, 2005

Flock: The Web 2.0 Browser

Category: Editorial

Our friends at TechCrunch have been talking about Flock, the new browser on the block, for awhile now. There are more screen shots available showing us how Flock is participating with other services and letting us do more with our browser. It is about time that we change some of the browser paradigms. Bookmarks/Favorites don’t Read the rest…

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Friday, October 7th, 2005

Google Reader: Ajaxian RSS reader

Category: Google, Showcase

Google announced Google Reader, an ajaxian RSS reader application. There have been a number of attempts at online readers, and this is a nice one. There are a couple of features that really make it interesting: Keyboard shortcuts Like GMail, the shortcuts matter. Hitting J and K especially to scroll through the feeds looks so Read the rest…

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