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Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Project Deploy: Customize project directory

Category: Utility

Project Deploy is a simple Web application that lets you make a few choices on what your Web project needs, and then it generates a directory structure for you: It offers a couple unique features from other project folder downloads such as customization, valid XHTML, HTML, and CSS, but the most unique is bookmarking. Deploy*’s Read the rest…

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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Visual Event: See where behaviour has been added to a page

Category: Utility

Wouldn’t it be nice to take a view of your application and see where the behaviour has been added? That is what is shown above, and it is courtesy of Allan Jardine and his new Visual Event tool. Once you hover over an event, you get to see the code that will run: Each type Read the rest…

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Decoupling data and UI layers with PubSub architecture

Category: JavaScript

Marcus Westin (who we featured on finger print) gave a talk at the SF JavaScript meetup on a top that is very interesting: One common issue in my experience are intricate dependencies between the UI and data models. Decoupling these is a huge benefit with respect to maintainability. The PubSub model is a great way Read the rest…

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A great example of sharing; Sizzle Engine in Dojo Foundation

Category: CSS, Dojo, JavaScript, jQuery, Library, Prototype

Voting has started in Dojo land to take in John Resig’s Sizzle next-gem CSS selector engine. This is incredibly exciting, as it shows how Ajax libraries are working together more and more. Instead of reinventing the wheel in different ways for each project, is it possible to find some core pieces that can be nicely Read the rest…

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SmartGWT 1.0: Huge open source widget set and more

Category: GWT, JavaScript, Toolkit

You may remember Sanjiv Jivan as the GWT-Ext developer that changed over the debacle. He then went on to start work on a GWT version of SmartClient libraries and has now released SmartGWT 1.0. It is a tour de force of not only a huge widget library, but he explains how it is much more: Read the rest…

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Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

HTML 5: Integrating HTTP authentication with HTML forms

Category: HTML, Standards

Mark Pilgrim has a new This Week in HTML 5 that features a bit new proposal for integrating HTTP authentication with HTML forms. A common use for forms is user authentication. To indicate that an HTTP URL requires authentication through such a form before use, the HTTP 401 response code with a WWW-Authenticate challenge “HTML” Read the rest…

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Implementing super in JavaScript

Category: JavaScript

Erik Arvidsson seems to be having fun going through exersizes getting JavaScript to do something his way. The latest little foray is Using catch-alls to implement super. Firstly, catch-alls are the ability to use the SpiderMonkey only __noSuchMethod__ meta programming trick. The good news is that this seems to be coming to ECMAScript Harmony (I Read the rest…

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S5 Presentations with CSS Transitions

Category: Ajax, CSS, iPhone

Shawn Lauriat hacked CSS Transition support into the presentation app S5. Now he has posted slides from one of his talks that uses the functionality. See how you can add fun (or annoying ;) transitions to your S5 prezos, even on the iPhone:

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XBug: New JavaScript Debugger

Category: Debugging, Utility

Greg Salisbury has released a new JavaScript debugger called XBug that “currently runs on the Windows XP/Vista platform, but, it can also be used to debug webpages on Windows or Linux servers. It’s cross-browser compatible, and works with Chrome, Firefox 2/3, IE 6/7, and Safari 3. After selecting your web page, you can then trace Read the rest…

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Monday, December 1st, 2008

iPod Engraving Gallery and Leopard.Next DHTML

Category: Apple, Showcase

I noticed the new iPod Engraving Gallery that is a nice use of Coherent to show a slick UI with engraving suggestions. I was also talking to a friend that has leopard beta bits and he was playing with an updated Dashcode. It appears that the Coherent library is now used for the widgets too. Read the rest…

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AbstractCanvas: HTML Canvas and Java2D in one fell swoop

Category: Canvas, GWT, Java

Rodrigo Reyes has announced a new project called AbstractCanvas, a GWT project that sits on top of HTML Canvas and Java2D. The same code can thus run in the browser, or on the server. You can then write code such as: VerticalPanel vPanel = new VerticalPanel(); CanvasPanelExt canvas1 = new CanvasPanelExt(300,150); canvas1.setFillStyle(Color.WHITE); canvas1.setGlobalAlpha(1.0); canvas1.fillRect(0, 0, Read the rest…

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Kojax? Huh?

Category: .NET, Microsoft, Mobile

Mary Jo Foley has an article called Move over, Ajax. Here comes Microsoft’s ‘Kojax’. The thing is, I don’t get what it actually is: Kojax is a mobile development platform, according to my sources, that will allow Microsoft- — and third-party-developed — applets run in an Ajax-like way, using a combination of Visual Studio tools Read the rest…

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Chromium Extensions Design Doc

Category: Chrome

Aaron Boodman posted about the new design document that discusses what the extension system should look like in Chromium and thus Google Chrome: Chromium can’t be everything to all people. People use web browsers in a variety of environments and for a wide variety of jobs. Personal tastes and needs vary widely from one user Read the rest…

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Friday, November 28th, 2008

JavaScript Bra Size Calculator

Category: Examples, JavaScript, Showcase

Now this could only fly on a Friday ;) Ed Spencer has coded up a bra size calculator in JavaScript: One of the more mesmerizing websites I’ve worked on recently was for a lingerie boutique in the UK. Aside from the unenviable task of having to look at pictures of women in lingerie all day, Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 1:33 pm

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Mouse entering and leaving versus over and out

Category: HTML, JavaScript

Greg Reimer is doing really interesting work with reglib and he now has a neutral post on events and how he favours the pattern of mouse enter / leave to mouse over / out. He shows an example using the pyramid illustrations (as above) and then ends with: The title of this post is a Read the rest…

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<!doctype html>

Category: HTML

< View plain text > HTML < !doctype html> That is what HTML 5 defines, and Dustin Diaz agrees as he lays down the skinny: Doctypes have long been in standardista discussions circles. Why to use them. Which one to use. Which one is best. These are all <sarcasm>really fun details</sarcasm> to get into, but Read the rest…

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