Thursday, June 22nd, 2006

Bindows: New Accessibility Support

Category: Accessibility

The latest version of the Bindows framework now offers accessibility support in the form of US Government Section-508 requirements for visually impaired users. With the Accessibility module, developers can make existing and new Bindows applications available to these users with a few simple steps. Bindows components come with accessibility descriptions and instructions by default, but Read the rest…

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Monday, June 5th, 2006

IBM Donates to the Dojo foundation

Category: Accessibility, Ajax, Dojo, JavaScript, Library

We are seeing more and more collaboration between the open source projects and the traditional software development community. Today we see a new partnership between IBM and the Dojo Foundation: IBM today announced plans to contribute key intellectual assets to the open source community, in an effort to help companies and software developers adopt and Read the rest…

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Browser Warfare, Supporting Safari, and the Future of Macs

Category: Accessibility, Browsers, Firefox, Mac, Programming, WebKit

Leland Scott from Musings From Mars has a couple posts highlighting the never ending browser debates, in particular the Safari issue we have covered before. Scott called out a WordPress plugin that was linked to from Max Kieslers popular roundup of Ajax tutorials. The “shelf” plugin, similiar to the accordion widget in Rico and other Read the rest…

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Friday, May 26th, 2006

Ajax and Screen Readers

Category: Accessibility, Articles

“What about accessibility?” The #1 or #2 question that we got at The Ajax Experience and other shows (“What framework should I use?” is the other one). Gez Lemon and Steve Faulkner have spent the time to write about Making Ajax Work with Screen Readers: The accessibility community is understandably concerned about the accessibility of Read the rest…

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Wednesday, May 24th, 2006

Accessibility: Use Ajax, Get Sued?

Category: Accessibility, Editorial

Agile Ajax discusses the legal and moral issues of using Ajax from an accessibility perspective. I was arguing with a speaker at an SOA conference yesterday about whether AJAX for public facing websites was a bad idea. He kept insisting that if you use AJAX, you will get sued, and that Southwest Airlines had in Read the rest…

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Friday, May 5th, 2006

AJAX and Screenreaders: When Can it Work?

Category: Accessibility, Ajax

One of the largest complaints that people have about Ajax these days is the lack of standards support in the sites developed with it. Since all of the data is dynamic, there’s problems caused with several different types of applications used for “alternative browsing” – such as screen readers. Developers know this and are trying Read the rest…

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Monday, May 1st, 2006

Open Says Me (Accessible Development)

Category: Accessibility, JavaScript, Usability

Pete Forde suggests a method in his new post for making websites that everyone can enjoy, not just the ones that have browsers that natively support the latest bells and whistles. Graceful degredation is one of the larger problems that developers with technologies like Ajax face, but the development method he suggests just might help. Read the rest…

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Thursday, April 20th, 2006

Accessible Maps

Category: Accessibility, Articles

Seth Duffey has written a piece on A List Apart all about a more accessible map. Maps are all the rage (thanks to Google Maps) and Seth takes the position that: Most online mapping applications do not address issues of web accessibility. For a visually impaired web user, these highly visual maps are essentially useless. Read the rest…

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Wednesday, April 19th, 2006

ajaCSS: Accessible Ajax

Category: Accessibility

Bhasker V K has come up with ajaCSS which came from early work on: Speech recognition with AJAX (watch the video demo ) ajax + css for low resolution displays (watch the video demo ) ajax + css for pattern matching / hand writing recognition (watch the video demo )

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Tuesday, March 14th, 2006

Using the HTTP Accept header for Ajax

Category: Accessibility, Editorial

From one assessibility post to another. David Heinemeier Hansson has posted on Discovering HTTP #1: The Accept header. Rails 1.1 is going to have a new feature that uses the HTTP Accept header to allow nice degradation from Ajax enabled browsers down the stack. The code example is: < View plain text > ruby class Read the rest…

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3 Myths of Ajax and Accessibility

Category: Accessibility, Articles

Joe Walker of DWR has written a piece on 3 Myths of Ajax and Accessibility. It stemmed from “quite a few ideas and bits of policy writing about accessiblity that could probably do with some updating.” Myth 1: Accessibility is a single issue One of the problems with accessibility as a single concept is that Read the rest…

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Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

Hijax: Graceful Degration

Category: Accessibility, Programming

Jeremy Keith (via Marko Samastur) writes of a Hijax, a specific technique for graceful degradation: I wrote some time back about progressive enhancement with Ajax. It’s a very simple idea: First, build an old-fashioned website that uses hyperlinks and forms to pass information to the server. The server returns whole new pages with each request. Read the rest…

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Voice XML and Ajax

Category: Accessibility

Voice(XML) of the People has weighed in on their thoughts on bringing Ajax techniques to Voice XML via the and elements available. This was in response to the article in speech tech mag on Metalanguages and Ajax, and goes into detail on what Voice XML offers as well as the Call Control eXtensible Markup Language Read the rest…

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Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006

Accessibility / Section 508 with Ajax/Atlas

Category: Accessibility

Over on the .Net side, Wally is talking about Accessibility / Section 508 with Ajax/Atlas When people talk about Accessibility, I think of Section 508 and allowing blind/disabled people to use an application. I put this small test of Atlas together for a blind friend of mine to test. It is located here. It seems Read the rest…

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Thursday, December 15th, 2005

What Ajax _Can’t_ Do

Category: Accessibility, Ajax, Editorial, Usability

Fellow Ajaxian Michael Mahemoff posted on something not discussed enough – what Ajax can’t do: Browser morphing Adding buttons, toolbars, bookmarks, icons; changing browser behaviour. Local file access Reading and writing files on the user’s hard drive. Sound Playing music and sound effects. Rich graphics Providing rich graphics, changing dynamically. (This is gradually changing with Read the rest…

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Thursday, November 17th, 2005

Graceful Degredation with Prototype, Scriptaculous and Ruby on Rails

Category: Accessibility, JavaScript, Prototype, Ruby

Encytemedia has a series of articles discussing graceful degradation with Ajax and how to handle the issues with Rails, Prototype, and Scriptaculous. Part one deals with the problem of degrading when the user has Javascript disabled, and illustrates with a couple simple examples. Part two looks at some possible solutions using Behaviour and the author’s Read the rest…

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