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Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006

Troubles with Asynchronous Ajax Requests and PHP Sessions

Category: Ajax, Articles

Marc Wandschneider (the Chipmunk Ninja), has written about a race condition that he ran into on a recent project using Ajax techniques and PHP on the backend. He details the issues, and explores his work-around.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:54 am

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Roaming through XMLDOM: An AJAX Prerequisite

Category: Ajax, Programming

On DevArticles.com, there’s a new article posted where they investigate the use of ActiveX methods to work through the XML returned from something like an Ajax call. The twin tasks of the XMLHttp are handling the HTTP request, and then processing the XML response. The first one is easily done by writing the appropriate syntax Read the rest…

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 7:52 am

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Tuesday, February 21st, 2006

TinyAjax: Another PHP 5 Ajax Library

Category: Ajax, PHP, Toolkit

Mats Karlsson loved how simple it was to implement Ajax features with Sajax, but thought there was room to make it even simpler, so he created TinyAjax. Features AJAX enable your pages without having to write a single line of javascript Call PHP functions in classes or as separate functions, you can even extend TinyAjax Read the rest…

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Monday, February 20th, 2006

DiggLicious.com – a Blend of Digg.com and Del.icio.us

Category: Ajax, XmlHttpRequest

The new site, Digglicious.com, combines two of the most widely used/visited sites out there these days – Digg.com and Del.icio.us – to create a live feed showing a cross-reference for items coming from both sites, showing the diggs and the number of times tagged on del.icio.us together. digg.com is a social news site and del.icio.us Read the rest…

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 12:25 pm

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Beware the toggle in Ajax Applications

Category: Ajax, Editorial, Usability

Ajax applications are different yet the same. I had an interesting observation the other day about long lived web applications. They live on a tab in Firefox that I open when I start it up, and they tend to sit there all the time. One tab would be Ajaxian itself, and others would be project Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:14 am

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Saturday, February 18th, 2006

Happy Birthday, Ajax!

Category: Ajax

Today marks one year since Jesse-James Garrett posted the seminal essay, “Ajax: A new approach to web applications”. What happened next … well, let’s just say tipping points don’t get much bigger than this! Sure, there were Ajax-style applications before that – as the original article points out – but the new name turbo-charged the Read the rest…

Posted by Michael Mahemoff at 11:27 pm

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Friday, February 17th, 2006

Opera and Freedom Media Announce Mobile Ajax (Opera) Development

Category: Ajax, Toolkit

PhoneMag.com has posted a new article about the partnership between Opera Software and Freedom Media to launch the “world’s first mobile widget application based on Opera Software’s mobile AJAX authoring environment” – Opera Platform. Named “Freedomâ€?, the application offers a collection of mobile pay-per-view services designed to increase the usability of mobile Web based services Read the rest…

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Wednesday, February 15th, 2006

Two kinds of AJAX: HTML++ vs Client / SOA

Category: Ajax, Programming

On the SitePoint PHP Blog, Harry Fuecks discusses what he sees as the two types of Ajax applications out there – “HTML++” and the standard “Client/SOA” model. Think this needs stating clearly, following the comment from Bill Edney on of technicalpursuit (Tibet), and because I think it reflects experiences people are having with AJAX. In Read the rest…

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CFAjax: What it is and How to Use it

Category: Ajax, ColdFusion, Programming, Toolkit

On DevArticles today, there’s a new article posted that looks a a seldom mentioned branch of the Ajax development family tree – ColdFusion integration – and a package that makes it possible, CFAjax. This is for ColdFusion aficionados who want to use Ajax. Ajax is implemented in such a way that ColdFusion method calls on Read the rest…

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Tuesday, February 14th, 2006

Debunking Strong Misconceptions About Cross-Domain Ajax Security Issues

Category: Ajax, Programming, XmlHttpRequest

On the Technoblog, there’s a new post that seeks to debunk misconceptions about some of the issues that have come up surrounding the use of cross-domain Ajax connections. Quite a number of people have been discussing possible cross-domain Ajax security issues recently. These are smart people that generally know their technologies very well, but for Read the rest…

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AjaxLessons.com – Tutorials, News, Workshops, etc.

Category: Ajax, Articles, Examples, JavaScript, Programming

There’s a new site offering some Ajax help for everyone out there, from beginner to pro – AjaxLessons.com. It calls itself a “resource for ajax tutorials as well as information surrounding Ajax and web 2.0”. The site aggregates some of the better Ajax-related tutorials and information out there. So far, they have a few tutorials, Read the rest…

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Bending HTTP until it breaks

Category: Ajax, XmlHttpRequest

Kris Wehner brings up a good point in this latest blog entry today – that Ajax inherently can cause more trouble to the server than it might be worth. I’ve said before that I’ve been watching the AJAX fad with keen interest over the last few months, waiting for the inherent problems to start eclipsing Read the rest…

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AJAX and Unit Testing – it’s time to mingle

Category: Ajax, JavaScript, Testing

Jim Plush has a new post over on his blog today suggesting the “mingling” of two things that can help to make more powerful, robust web applications – Ajax and Unit testing. I’ve decided to write a little two part introduction into unit testing your AJAX applications with JSUnit. AJAX applications now are adding a Read the rest…

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Monday, February 13th, 2006

Alternate Ajax Techniques, Part 1

Category: Ajax, JavaScript

On WebReference.com, there’s part one of their latest series, “Alternate Ajax Techniques”, a look some other, more complex uses for our beloved XMLHttpRequest object. By now, nearly everyone who works in web development has heard of the term Ajax, which is simply a term to describe client-server communication achieved without reloading the current page. Most Read the rest…

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Ajax@localhost Talk (Harry Fuecks)

Category: Ajax, Presentation

Harry Fuecks has posted his slides from the recent PHP Conference UK 2006 with some of his perspectives on the popular technology. The slides, in PDF form, start at the beginner level (“what is Ajax?” and “why do we need it?”) , then on to the actual technology behind it all – the “stack”, network Read the rest…

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Thursday, February 9th, 2006

Too Many Ajax Calendars

Category: Ajax, Calendar

On his blog, Joel Spolsky, has posted some of his opinions on the proliferation of Ajax-enabled calendering systems that have been coming out lately – and how none of them seem to be up to the mark. For all the Ajax calendars that are appearing, it’s a shame I can’t find one which really meets Read the rest…

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