Ajax, short for asynchronous JavaScript and XML, allows websites to retrieve data from the server asynchronously behind the scenes, without interfering with the display and behavior of the existing page. Check out Ajax news, tips and tutorials here.

Friday, May 27th, 2005

Showcase: TIBCO shows their library / toolkit / IDE to Jon Udell

Category: Ajax, JavaScript, Library, Screencast, Showcase, Toolkit

Jon Udell of Infoworld has been publishing some very interesting screencases. His latest consists of TIBCO showing off a rich Ajaxian library / toolkit / IDE. The IDE (or Visual Authoring Toolkit) eats their dog food, as it is built on their library itself. As you watch the screencast, I think you will be impressed Read the rest…

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Example: Cojax, an ajax style code viewer

Category: Ajax, Examples, JavaScript, Showcase

Scott Watermasysk and co put together a nice example of Ajax called Cojax. Cojax is an ajaxian source code viewer which consists of: Left hand tree structure which represents the source code files/directories On demand retrieval of particular source code, which is color coded nicely Firefox “Loading *” usability pattern It would be nice to Read the rest…

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Example: Ajax Advocates show rich widgets

Category: Ajax, Component, Examples, JavaScript, Library

A new site, Ajax Advocates, has a nice example of some rich Ajax. They put together “BlahBlah Finance!”, which consists of a rich UI component containing: Pure HTML running on Apache Object Oriented Javascript AJAX techniques to refresh Stock price Drag-drop column headers to move position of columns Excel-style grid navigation, with Undo functionality Ability Read the rest…

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Article: Errors and Ajax

Category: Ajax, Articles, JavaScript

O’Reilly’s XML.com has a piece that discusses the magic of try {} catch(e) {} finally {}, and window.onerror = handleError. The article shows examples in the realm of Ajax, and XMLHttpRequest, but it is more generic than that (and even has Perl code ;)

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Thursday, May 26th, 2005

SACK: Simple Ajax Code Kit

Category: Ajax, JavaScript, Toolkit

Gregory Wild-Smith has written about Ajax, and other toolkits such as SAJAX and Dojo weren’t for him: Anyhow, as I’m using AJAX a lot these days — both for side projects and at work — I thought I would develop a nice simple wrapper for it that does exactly what I want from it; namely Read the rest…

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Wednesday, May 25th, 2005

Messaging with Ajax and ActiveMQ

Category: Ajax, Java, Server

There is more afoot with messaging and Ajax. ActiveMQ is an open source MOM, and it now has support for Ajax. Ajax support in ActiveMQ builds on top of the REST connector for ActiveMQ which allows any web capable device to send or receive messages over JMS. Client side view On the client the web Read the rest…

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Ajaxifying the Address Bar Interface

Category: Ajax

A lot of people are finding that the browser address bar is the new command line. Some people embed an address bar in their start menu, which means it is always there. Michael Mahemoff talks about taking this to the next level, and Ajaxifying the Address Bar Interface. Personally, I would love a QuickSilver-esque system.

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Example: Spell Check

Category: Ajax, Examples

Garrison Locke has put up an Ajax Spell Checker. This is another good use of client/server. You wouldn’t want to download an entire data dictionary down to the client, and now you don’t have too :)

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Tuesday, May 24th, 2005

Ajax Slashdotted Again

Category: Ajax, JavaScript

Good ole /. has another posting claiming that the AJAX Buzzword Reinvigorates Javascript. Typically, the usual suspects are on the thread jumping up and down :)

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Ajax Usability Mistakes

Category: Ajax, Usability

Alex Bosworth has written up 10 usability mistakes that he thinks Ajax developers make. Fortunately, these are not intrinsic to the Ajax platform so we can work around them. Not giving immediate visual cues for clicking widgets:There are many patterns emerging here, such as showing the Firefox/Apple spinning wheel next to widgets, when work is Read the rest…

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Monday, May 23rd, 2005

Google Maps Platform: ChicagoCrime.org

Category: Ajax

The Google Maps platform keeps soldering on. The latest cool innovative hack is ChicagoCrime.org. It manages to munge and plot crime data onto maps. Here is an example. Nice work.

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Showcase: Lace – Ajaxian Chat Service

Category: Ajax, Chat, Showcase

Chat clients often seem to be sample applications of new technology on the web. Ajax has had its share, and now there is Lace: a free Ajax experiment that implements a chat service. Lace is a free web communications experiment written in PHP, Javascript, XHTML and CSS. Lace takes advantage of XMLHttpRequest if it is Read the rest…

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Friday, May 20th, 2005

JavaServer Faces Ajaxian Components

Category: Ajax, Java

Ever since Ben and I met with Ed Burns (JSF spec lead) at TheServerSide Symposium, we knew that he was serious about implementing Ajaxian components and having JSF be a solid platform for Ajax. He has put together his first Ajaxian JSF component, which is a Progress Bar indicator. You use it via: <d:progressBar id=”progressBar” Read the rest…

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Thoughts on Rich Clients and Ajax

Category: Ajax, Editorial

Flying back home in style (err, Southwest Airlines) after the recent Ajax Summit, I considered the “rich client” versus web app debate. With the emergence of Ajax, its gotten harder to choose between the two. After seeing what folks are doing with Ajax at the summit, its gotten *really* harder. Sure, those doing crazy wild Read the rest…

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Wednesday, May 18th, 2005


Category: Ajax

Announcing a wiki on Ajax Patterns: This is an in-progress collection of AJAX patterns being collected and discovered by Michael Mahemoff, building on an initial draft published on my blog about two weeks ago. The patterns consist of: Architectural Patterns: auto-page refresh, unique URLs on events, predictive fetch, and client site cache Display Patterns: Age Read the rest…

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Tuesday, May 17th, 2005

Example: Dojo Grid Widget

Category: Ajax, Dojo, Examples, Toolkit, XmlHttpRequest

Scott Miles took the latest Dojo Toolkit, and built a new Grid Widget: It’s not much of a dataset, but the grid has sorting and in-place editing. The data is retrieved asynchronously from a PHP/MySql backend. I have an internal version which transparently writes edits back to the DB (which is kind of snazzy). Good Read the rest…

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