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Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Gears 0.3 Released, and Google I/O videos on Ajax related content available

Category: Ajax, Gears, Google, GWT, JavaScript, Presentation

Some good stuff came out from my employer. First, we have the Gears 0.3 release which includes support for Firefox 3! I have been using it for awhile, and it has been great. The team wanted to get it out before the Firefox 3 launch (planned for June 17th). A plugin like Gears can get Read the rest…

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Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Announcing AJAX Libraries API: Speed up your Ajax apps with Google’s infrastructure

Category: Ajax, Google, JavaScript, Library

I just got to announce the Google AJAX Libraries API which exists to make Ajax applications that use popular frameworks such as Prototype, Script.aculo.us, jQuery, Dojo, and MooTools faster and easier for developers. Whenever I wrote an application that uses one of these frameworks, I would picture a user accessing my application, having 33 copies Read the rest…

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Monday, May 5th, 2008

Ajaxian Featured Tutorial: Using YSlow for Performance Analysis

Category: Ajax, Tutorial

Kristopher William Zyp has written a post on how to use YSlow to analyze the performance of JavaScript applications. To understand what aspects of a Web application you need to improve, you must properly analyze the components of the application. This article looks at how you can use the Firebug extension to Firefox and the Read the rest…

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Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Ajax Accessibility and ARIA

Category: Accessibility, Ajax

John Resig put together a nice overview of the ARIA Live Regions specification with an example of how you can track a list of people in a way that a screen reader can understand when someone is added or deleted. Imagine a todo list application. < View plain text > HTML <ol aria-live="polite" aria-relevant="additions removals" Read the rest…

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Friday, April 25th, 2008

Immediate Translation and Mibbit

Category: Ajax, JavaScript, Library, Screencast

I just posted on a a translate bookmarklet that uses the Google AJAX Language API: I really liked getting the Ajax Language API out into developers hands as god knows we shouldn’t have to worry about translations. Now we can use the API and have the Google back-end do all of the work. I have Read the rest…

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Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

A wishlist for Ajax APIs

Category: Ajax

Following discussions at the Highland Fling conference with the audience and Gareth Rushgrove (whose excellent presentation on API design we featured here already) I sat down and came up with a wishlist for a great Ajax API. As an example I used the Google translation API, pointed out its good points and explained what I’d Read the rest…

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Friday, March 28th, 2008

Using the YouTube API via Ext

Category: Ajax, Sencha

With the YouTube API recently released, there’s bound to be lots of cool controls coming out soon. Thorsten Suckow-Homberg spent a weekend hacking up a Ext-based user extension that leverages YouTube’s chromeless API to build The Ext.ux.YoutubePlayer. The Ext.ux.YoutubePlayer allows developers to embed youtube videos into Ext applications, using native Ext components for controlling the Read the rest…

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markItUp! – Lightweight Text Editor

Category: Ajax, jQuery

When Jay Salvat set out to build markItUp!, he wasn’t trying to build the next FCKEditor or TinyMCE. He just wanted to build a simple editor that could allow developers to add enhanced markup capability to textarea elements. markItUp! is a JavaScript plugin built on the jQuery library. It allows you to turn any textarea Read the rest…

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Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Will IE8 & HTML5 Make RSH Irrelevant?

Category: Ajax

As the title asks, will IE8 & HTML5 make Really Simple History (and other Ajax history managers) irrelevant? Not so much says Brian Dillard, project lead for the Really Simple History project. While additions to HTML 5 & IE8 will definitely make managing page history easier, Brian anticipates that libraries such as RSH will evolve Read the rest…

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Monday, March 24th, 2008

Nitobi Survey Results on Ajax Development

Category: Ajax, Survey

Nitobi ran a survey on Ajax technologies, and you (Ajaxian community) helped out in giving them your feedback. They just released the results which consists of 570 answers. You must always take results with a grain of salt, since there are quite a few more designers and developers than 570 our there, but it is Read the rest…

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Monday, March 17th, 2008

Moo Snippely – Manage Your Code Snippets Locally

Category: Adobe, Ajax, MooTools

We all have bits of reusable code that we store in some fashion. These snippets prove to be invaluable at helping to not “reinvent the wheel” so storing them in a safe and convenient place is important. The MooTools team wants to make it easy for you to store your snippets easily through the use Read the rest…

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Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

Taffy DB Javascript Database

Category: Ajax, Database

Working client-side with data can be challenging and projects have tried to address this in different fashions. Ian Smith, creator of Joe’s Goals, has his own approach. He’s created Taffy DB, a lightweight Javascript database that allows you to insert, update, delete, order, loop, and query against a client-side collection of data. The great thing Read the rest…

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Friday, March 7th, 2008

DWR 3.0 Features, Interview with Joe Walker

Category: Ajax, DWR

SitePen’s Dylan Schiemann has posted about the recent InfoQ interview of Joe Walker and the upcoming release of DWR 3.0. The newest features for DWR include: Offline Support (Google Gears and/or Dojo Offline) TIBCO General Interface integration Aptana Jaxer integration OpenAjax Hub, PubSub, Bayeux, etc. Joe gave a nice example of how the offline functionality Read the rest…

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Friday, February 29th, 2008

Snoto Photo: Snook, Flickr and AIR

Category: Adobe, Ajax, Announcements, MooTools

After recently installing Snitter, I have to say I’ve become a bit of a fanboy of Jonathan Snook. The guy just produces some good stuff. So when I saw that he announced a new AIR application, I had to get it installed and checked out. While Snoto (ya know, Snook, Snitter, Snoto) isn’t as polished Read the rest…

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Thursday, February 28th, 2008

1000 Scripts and Counting

Category: Ajax

We’ve posted about AjaxRain.com before, especially regarding the great job that they’re doing in aggregating JavaScript and Ajax-related extensions from all over the web. Last night AjaxRain.com hit a big milestone by posting script number 1,000. The lucky script, inline content editor called jWYSIWYG, was developed by Juan M Martínez and is designed to allow Read the rest…

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Monday, February 25th, 2008

Ext Releases v2.0.2 with Adobe AIR Support

Category: Adobe, Ajax, Sencha

To coincide with the release of Adobe’s AIR v1.0, the Ext team released v2.0.2 of the Ext framework with enhanced support for the new AIR runtime. The Ext and Adobe teams collaborated during the AIR beta process to ensure that support for the updated AIR API and security sandbox would be available to Ext users Read the rest…

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