Monday, July 21st, 2008

Increase DOM Node Insertion Performance

Category: JavaScript, Performance

John Resig continues his streak of compelling blog entries with “DOM DocumentFragments” where he shows that: A method that is largely ignored in modern web development can provide some serious (2-3x) performance improvements to your DOM manipulation. The technique shown is compatible across a large swath of modern browsers, including our friend IE6. Here’s an Read the rest…

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Monday, July 14th, 2008

Interview with the Gears on Rails team

Category: Gears, JavaScript, Podcasts, Rails, Ruby

With my Google hat on, I got to interview Michael Marcus and Rui Ma, two recent graduates from a masters program at NYU. They joined me to discuss Gears on Rails, their open source framework that makes it easier than ever to take a Rails code-base offline. They take the approach of giving you a Read the rest…

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Friday, July 11th, 2008

iPhone Web Goodies: Drag and Drop with Touch, Resize and Rotate with Gestures

Category: iPhone, JavaScript, Showcase

The video above shows a simple showcase application that Neil Roberts of SitePen created and wrote about. He testing out the new APIs such as the touch API where he worked with drag and drop: < View plain text > javascript node.ontouchmove = function(e){   if(e.touches.length == 1){ // Only deal with one finger   Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:16 am

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Remember the Web Apps; Don’t forget the first iPhone baby today

Category: iPhone, JavaScript

We see the birth of the second baby when it comes to building and running apps on the iPhone. People have already spent almost $100k in the first few hours of the AppStore not being open, so tomorrow is likely to be a great day for Apple, and developers, as people run around clicking on Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:01 am

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YPulse: Fades and Pulsations Library

Category: Component, JavaScript, Library, Yahoo!

Kent Johnson has released YPulse a simple open source wrapper for the YUI Animation library that makes creating highlight fades and pulsing button glows a bit easier. You pulse away with something like: < View plain text > javascript var pulser = new YAHOO.squarebits.YPulse(   ‘my-div’,   ‘backgroundColor’,   ‘#FFFFFF’, // starting   ‘#FFFF00′, // Read the rest…

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A safety fence for your property lookups

Category: JavaScript, Tip

Michal Till posted a little JavaScript tip that he uses to create a safety fence for accessing properties: As we all know, null not only does not have any properties, but their existence also can not be tested. So retuns error instead of undefined. You can end up with something like this: < View Read the rest…

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Thursday, July 10th, 2008

Ojay 0.2: easy keyboarding, a validation DSL, and two new UI widgets

Category: JavaScript, Yahoo!

James Coglan has updated Ojay, the chaining wrapper for YUI that we posted on a few months back. The new release features really simple keyboard and form scripting and couple of new UI widgets, a new event system and a stack of other improvements: Ojay.Forms. By far the biggest new package, Ojay.Forms sorts out a Read the rest…

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Code specialization; Namespaces again; Parasitic inheritance

Category: JavaScript

Karl Krukow has a new blog that has some interesting Ajax content. Rather than pick at one, we have a synopsis of a few of his recent posts: Manual code specialization A technique is presented (in terms of examples) which can give performance boosts in certain situations. The technique relies on higher-order functions, and sharing Read the rest…

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Monday, July 7th, 2008

LLVM and running C as well as Python in the browser

Category: JavaScript, Python

Dan Morrill doesn’t like JavaScript 2. His reasoning is a little like the folks who don’t want Java.Next to try to copy features from every other language, but to just be the best static language, and let other languages like Scala, Groovy, JRuby (and the hundreds of others like Fan) go in different directions on Read the rest…

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Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

JavaScript Plugins; The beauty of loosely coupled code

Category: JavaScript

James Coglan wrote a piece on There is no such thing as a JavaScript plugin that uses jQuery as a use case for how simple it is to have a plugin contract. When you think about plugins in many environments, you have strict contracts through interfaces that you have to implement. With jQuery, you can Read the rest…

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Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

eval(’foo=a’, obj.fn); How you will be private in Firefox 3.1

Category: Firefox, JavaScript

Peter realized that the eval(string, scope) support in Firefox meant that the private pattern could be gotten around and developers came out saying “doh!” Mozilla was quick on the case, and Firefox has taken out support which we should see in Firefox 3.1. What is interesting is John’s look at what happened. He points to Read the rest…

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Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

MooWheel and MooCirclePack for visualizations

Category: JavaScript, MooTools

MooWheel, the JavaScript connections visualization library, has been updated to version 0.2. Updates include: New data format Text can now be hovered over, in addition to the dot Images can be added for each item You can see the popular Twitter example (thanks to Augsto Becciu, creator of TweetWheel). Also, MooCirclePack has just been released: Read the rest…

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Monday, June 30th, 2008

ShiftZoom: Zoomify your oversize images

Category: Canvas, JavaScript, Library

ShiftZoom 1.0 is the latest tool from Christian Effenberger that allows you to add zoom and pan functionality to oversized images on your webpages. It uses unobtrusive javascript to keep your code clean. Requires no plugin/extension or any other external resource! It works in all the major browsers – Mozilla Firefox 1.5+, Opera 9+, IE Read the rest…

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JavaScript Protocol Fuzzer

Category: JavaScript, Testing

Gareth Heyes has written a JavaScript protocol fuzzer which has the goal of “producing every variation of javascript execution from links.” If you check out the demo you see all of the options available to fuzz: Number of characters – This inserts between 1 and 10 characters in the chosen position Character position – The Read the rest…

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Friday, June 27th, 2008

dragtable: drag-and-drop reorderable columns for an HTML table

Category: Component, JavaScript

Dan Vanderkam has announced a new component dragtable: Over the past several years, Stuart Langridge’s sorttable Javascript library has found widespread use. It’s easy to see why. Just add class=sortable to a table tag and its column headers automatically support click to sort. Pretty slick. But sometimes sorting just isn’t enough. What if you want Read the rest…

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eval(‘foo=a’, obj.fn); How you aren’t private in Firefox

Category: JavaScript

Peter Michaux has found the magical eval(…, context) method available in the Firefox implementation. This means that you can’t create truly private data: < View plain text > javascript // Getting "private" variables var obj = (function() {   var a = 21;   return {     // public function must reference ‘a’   Read the rest…

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