Monday, April 28th, 2008

Ext JS responds with Open Source FLOSS Exceptions

Category: JavaScript, Sencha

Jack Slocum and his team are listening, and appear to be working with the community to clear things up: With our recent change to the GPL v3 some concerns have been brought up by the Ext Community. We are hoping to address some of those concerns via community discussion of two new FLOSS exceptions. The Read the rest…

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Sunday, April 27th, 2008

OpenEXT: The fork

Category: Editorial, JavaScript, Sencha

OpenEXT is here. It is a fork of Ext JS 2.0.2, which was under an LGPL license (kinda…. with some invalid, non-open source licensing). The crux of the fork is: Ext are claiming that a fork of the existing 2.0 version is not legal, due to the way they applied the LGPL. This is likely Read the rest…

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Friday, April 25th, 2008

Cuzillion: Performance best practices tool

Category: Browsers, Examples, JavaScript, Performance, Showcase, Testing

Steve Souders has released a nice little tool called Cuzillion which has the tag line of ‘cuz there are zillion pages to check, although it could also be that there are a zillion ways to do Web development! The tool lets you test out different techniques for optimizing performance in browsers, and these tests can Read the rest…

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Immediate Translation and Mibbit

Category: Ajax, JavaScript, Library, Screencast

I just posted on a a translate bookmarklet that uses the Google AJAX Language API: I really liked getting the Ajax Language API out into developers hands as god knows we shouldn’t have to worry about translations. Now we can use the API and have the Google back-end do all of the work. I have Read the rest…

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JavaScriptMVC Test Plugin

Category: JavaScript, Testing

Justin Meyer and the JavaScriptMVC team have created a new Test plugin. We all voted testing as the number two pain point in Web dev and this is an attempt to make the world a bit better. Test lets you simulate every major DOM event, as well as some combination events like Write and Drag, Read the rest…

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Thursday, April 24th, 2008

WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio for Mac

Category: JavaScript, Utility

It seems a little funny to have an Ajax app announcing that it now works on Mac, but there is good reason: This week, we are releasing WaveMaker for the Mac (OS 10.5 Leopard to be specific) and Safari. Although the Mac is a visual platform, it has always been behind on WYSIWYG development tools. Read the rest…

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Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Timeframe: Prototype date range component

Category: Component, JavaScript, Library, Prototype

Stephen Celis got tired of wiring together two date pickers for the common use case of grabbing a date range, so he created timeframe, which is “Click-draggable. Range-makeable. A better calendar.” Based on Prototype, you can whip up some code such as: < View plain text > javascript new Timeframe(‘calendars’, {         Read the rest…

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OraoWeb: Quicktime + JavaScript

Category: JavaScript

We recently saw the proof of concept for a JavaScript video player in JSONVid. Pascal Vuylsteker has paired JavaScript and Quicktime to create OraoWeb. He puts a call out to argue that Flash isn’t the only king of video and talks about the shortcomings: Clean fast forward Fast rewind Jog Shuttle Frame by frame step Read the rest…

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Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Making application modules communicate with each other using Decoupling

Category: Component, Examples, Framework, JavaScript, Yahoo!

I’ve been talking about event driven application design in JavaScript in January last year and inspired Caridy Patiño to write his Bubbling Library based on these ideas. Caridy now upped the ante a bit by talking about decoupling using the bubbling library over on the YUI blog. In essence, his solution allows you to have Read the rest…

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Google offers Search, Feed, and Translation APIs to Non Ajax Usage

Category: Google, JavaScript, JSON, Library

The Google Ajax API team has been offering great services that you can use from JavaScript in the browser. I have talked about some of them on Ajaxian before (Feed API, Feed Discovery API, and the recent Language API) but now we have a great new release that enables you to access these APIs from Read the rest…

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Talking about JavaScript 1.7, 1.8 and 1.9 before we get to 2.0

Category: JavaScript

Is this JavaScript that would run in a current browser? < View plain text > javascript function square_of(x) x * x;   players.sort(function(x,y) y[‘score’] – x[‘score’]); Yup. This is JavaScript 1.8 and 1.7, also known as Pythonizing Javascript ;) Tiago Silveira discusses these lambda expressions, as well as Generators: < View plain text > javascript Read the rest…

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Reminded of speaking your YAHOO.lang

Category: Examples, JavaScript, Yahoo!

Mitchell Amihod has a nice little post talking about the features in YAHOO.lang which is probably the least mentioned part of YUI. He starts out with the type checking functions such as like isNull(), isUndefined(), isValue(); then he does for a trim(). Did you know that YUI had a mini template language in the form Read the rest…

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Monday, April 21st, 2008

JSONVid: Pure JavaScript Video Player

Category: Examples, JavaScript, JSON, Library

Jacob Seidelin went on a ( crazy :) ) mission to create a pure JavaScript video player that didn’t use Flash: My first thought was to read binary video files using a technique like the Andy Na posted about here, figuring that there must be some really simple to parse video formats around, but I Read the rest…

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ProtoRPG: Role Playing with Prototype

Category: Games, JavaScript, Prototype, Scriptaculous

Sometimes you want Monday to be a Friday, so we have ProtoRPG, a role playing game written by Pierre Chassaing in JavaScript using Prototype and Walk around, add to your inventory, and feel like you are playing your first RPG many moons ago, on a Friday.

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Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Fingerprint: A print for your typing

Category: JavaScript, Security

Do you type the same way consistently? Say, if you put in your username and password? Marcus Westin has created a little jQuery plugin that measures a finger print based on your typing style, Fingerprint. Easy to use: < View plain text > javascript $(‘#form’).fingerprint(); This automatically injects hidden fields with names ‘timestamp-down’ and ‘timestamp-up’ Read the rest…

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Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Three Helpful JavaScript Libraries

Category: JavaScript, Library

Oliver Steele has posted on three small JavaScript libraries that he carries around in his toolbox as he goes from project to project. Fluently — Construction Kit for Chainable Methods Fluently lets you build chainable methods, which Oliver used to build a mock test framework. < View plain text > javascript var o = Fluently.make(function(define) Read the rest…

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