Thursday, March 20th, 2008

SMD: Pluggable Web Services

Category: Dojo, JavaScript, JSON, Library

< View plain text > javascript {target:"/jsonrpc", // this defines the URL to connect for the services  transport:"POST", // We will use POST as the transport  envelope:"JSON-RPC-1.2", // We will use JSON-RPC  SMDVersion:"2.0",  services: {    add : { // define a service to add two numbers    parameters: [      {name:"a",type:"number"}, // define Read the rest…

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Why getBoundingClientRect is important

Category: JavaScript, jQuery, Standards

We posted about PPK’s thoughts on CSSOM which included him dissing getBoundingClientRect() and getClientRects(): I feel this part of the specification is not yet ready. At the very least, the relation of TextRectangle boxes to actual elements should be defined in the case there’s more than one TextRectangle box, because I don’t understand what to Read the rest…

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Multiple File Uploads with Aptana Jaxer

Category: Aptana, Examples, JavaScript

Dealing with file uploads can be a test of a Web framework. I personally long for the input type=”file” to be improved with items such as multiple=”true” for multiselection, let alone showing the status of the upload (20% complete). The Jaxer folks have posted on Easy File Uploading using Aptana Jaxer which shows how you Read the rest…

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Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Google Visualization joins the Ajax APIs

Category: .NET, Google, JavaScript

Yoah Bar-David & Itai Raz of Google have introduces the latest Ajax API: Google Visualization API, a new API designed for visualizing structured data. There is a large visualization gallery that can show you some of the visualizations that you can use. You tie into the API as you do with other Google Ajax APIs: Read the rest…

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CiUI: CNET iPhone UI

Category: iPhone, JavaScript, UI

Vladimir Olexa of CNET has released CiUI a iUI inspired iPhone JavaScript libary that mimics the iPhone UI behavior. It’s already being used on CNET¹s iPhone page ( It’s been greatly inspired by iUI with a few key differences: AJAX calls are performed after a page slides DOM doesn’t get overloaded with “pages” as they Read the rest…

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Echo 3 releases client side component model

Category: Framework, Java, JavaScript

Echo has been known as a Java server side component framework, but with the release of Echo 3, they have added a way to build component applications using JavaScript: Client-side Echo applications do not require an application server, and can also be run entirely offline. With Echo3, the formerly server-side-only component framework has been recreated Read the rest…

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JavaScript Metaclass Programming

Category: JavaScript

Neil Roberts is continuing a really nice set of blog posts with one that teaches us about JavaScript Metaclass Programming: Metaclass programming is the programming that builds a class. Since most of the time a metaclass simply takes an already declared class and manipulates it, you can think of a metaclass as a template: a Read the rest…

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Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

jqunit: extending jquerys testrunner to all

Category: Framework, JavaScript, jQuery, Testing

Michael Grosser has created jQuerys testrunner in a way that makes it work with jsUnit, and also useful for libraries other than jQuery. Here is a full example: < View plain text > javascript var temp = function($) {   jqUnit.module(‘Without local interface’);   jqUnit.test(‘test a’, function(){     jqUnit.ok(true);     this.ok(true);   }); Read the rest…

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pi.comet: simple comet library

Category: Comet, JavaScript, Library

Azer Koçulu thinks that you can create a comet application in 3 minutes with his new library pi.comet. It provides realtime data transfers between client and server.You can use pi.comet with any server side language. The usage is very simple indeed: < View plain text > javascript var request = new pi.comet(); request.environment.setUrl("push.php"); request.event.push = Read the rest…

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Subclassing and the prototype chain

Category: Dojo, JavaScript, Library

Are you sure you should be subclassing that? is the question that Neil Roberts asks. He goes on to solve a problem: you just want to change ONE property in this class, but you can’t change it on the actual class because that value would now be used across all instances of that class. So Read the rest…

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Monday, March 17th, 2008

cvi_text_lib: cross API text stroking

Category: Canvas, JavaScript, Library

Christian Effenberger, or Mr. Canvas as we think of him, has come back from a data recovery nightmare with a new library, cvi_text_lib, that supports stroke text capability for Canvas & VML. It uses unobtrusive javascript to keep the code clean and it works in all the major browsers – Mozilla Firefox 1.5+, Opera 9+, Read the rest…

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Friday, March 14th, 2008 for developers and more

Category: Dojo, JavaScript, Library

Dustin Machi has written about his package: is a small project, both in aspirations and in size. It has a simple goal of logging browser and application data to the server for review. This data can be used to monitor application performance, effectiveness, and quality, or it can be used for custom data Read the rest…

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ECMAScript 4 Progress Tracking

Category: JavaScript

John Resig started a detailed spreadsheet to track the progress of ECMAScript 4 implementations. There is also a set of columns to track the thoughts of various companies (Mozilla, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, etc) on various parts and pieces of the spec, which is enlightening. You get to see a layer of transparency in the Read the rest…

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Thursday, March 13th, 2008

Getting some $ with Dojo

Category: Articles, Dojo, JavaScript

Neil Roberts has posted a great article on Creating Your Own $ with Dojo: The bling, one of the best global variables in JavaScript. A tool which has come to mean, as a function, a way to locate a node or set of nodes. And, as a namespace, a simple way to access often-used functionality. Read the rest…

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W3C CSSOM View Module

Category: Browsers, JavaScript, Standards

PPK has blogged a critique of the new W3C CSSOM View Module. He is a fan: W3C published the first working draft of the W3C CSSOM View specification (written by Anne van Kesteren), and I must say I’m very happy with it. Since I was testing stuff anyway I created a new compatibility table for Read the rest…

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Secrets of JavaScript Libraries

Category: JavaScript, Presentation

Andrew Dupont, Thomas Fuchs, John Resig, Alex Russell, Sam Stephenson. These were the folks that gathered at SXSW to talk about the “Secrets of JavaScript Libraries” in a panel that was full to the brim (as was the browser wars one the day before). The slides are now up, and the podcast is forthcoming: The Read the rest…

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