Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

Intel Web 2.0 Technology Development Kit (TDK)

Category: JavaScript, Library

Have you ever wished that you could getPercentRemaining() to find out the battery charge left in a users device, or getProtocolRateTx() to find out about the connectivity of a device? These are some of the methods available in the Intel Web 2.0 Technology Development Kit (TDK). Imagine if your Web 2.0 application could be aware Read the rest…

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Monday, February 12th, 2007


Category: JavaScript, JSON, Library

Binary Interchange Standard and Object Notation (BISON) is a new binary format created by Kai Jäger. After seeing the direction AJ(AX) was going into with light web service protocols like JSON, I was wondering if I could come up with an even lighter binary protocol that would work with JavaScript. Not so much to replace Read the rest…

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parseUri: Another JavaScript URL parser

Category: JavaScript, Library

Steven Levithan saw the Poly9’s Polyvalent Javascript URL Parser and thinks he has done one better. He created parseUri and thinks it has advantages: Ability to split the directory path and file name. If a path component was present in the source URL, it will always return a trailing slash as the last character in Read the rest…

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Friday, February 9th, 2007

GPlotter 0.9: Prototype and Google Maps v2 update

Category: JavaScript, Library, Mapping

Brennan Stehling has updated his GPlotter project “to make use of the revised Google Maps API. I also completely restructured the Javascript to a much more object oriented coding style. I am using the latest release of Prototype, which recently moved to a new location as well as posted a great deal of new documentation. Read the rest…

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Monday, February 5th, 2007

DJAX: Language on top of JavaScript

Category: JavaScript, Library

Hamish Friedlander has created djax, a language translator that takes code written in a javascript superset, and turns it into regular-ol’ javascript. What does the language try to give you? Continuations (ish). Suspend a javascript function anywhere, and start it again later easily. Code synchronous ajax without locking the browser. sleep(). Threads. Execute long-running jobs Read the rest…

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Friday, February 2nd, 2007

Qooxdoo 0.6.5 Release: Now with RAP

Category: Announcements, JavaScript, Library

Qooxdoo 0.6.5 has been released with improvements in the core framework, theming, and server-side (now with Perl). Check out the showcase for examples, and the release notes for detailed changes. This released adds an Eclipse license that enables it to be the core of the new Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) Project. What is RAP? Read the rest…

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Thursday, February 1st, 2007

Prototype Reference Widget

Category: JavaScript, Library, Prototype

Wolfgang Bartelme (designer of this site) took the work by Justin Palmer and friends and created a Prototype Reference widget.

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Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

Vitamins for Prototype

Category: Component, JavaScript, Library

The new Devjax library is a collection of plugins based on prototype library to add more functionality for scriptaculous, RICO and extends the DOM library of prototype. An example of the work is a WYSIWYG component: < View plain text > javascript editor = new Devjax.Editor(‘editor-example’,     { width: ‘100%’,height: ‘200px’,     ImagesFolder: Read the rest…

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Mootools 1.0 Announced

Category: Announcements, JavaScript, Library, Toolkit

Mootools 1.0 was officially announced to the world. Big Changes All the MooTools Classes use now Events. No, not element events. Class Events. Right, you can add as many onCompletes as you want, onChange(s), onStart(s).. Well, you get the idea. Options starting with “on” become events, so need to change your code on this one. Read the rest…

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Monday, January 29th, 2007

SoundManager 2: A Sound API for JavaScript

Category: JavaScript, Library, Sound

Scott Schiller has come up with something very useful: SoundManager 2 a sound API which lets web developers easily load, play and control sounds (via Flash 8) using Javascript. Scott talks about his back story to how this API came about, for the jsAMP program. There is a full project page with API documentation, some Read the rest…

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OAT: OpenAjax Alliance Compliant Toolkit

Category: JavaScript, Library, Toolkit

Ondrej Zara and his team at Openlink Software have created a Openlink Software JS Toolkit, known as OAT. It is a full-blown JS framework, suitable for developing rich applications with special focus to data access. OAT works standalone, offers vast number of widgets and has some rarely seen features, such as on-demand library loading (which Read the rest…

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Friday, January 26th, 2007

Image Thumbnail Viewer

Category: JavaScript, Library

Dynamic Drive has a simple new Image Thumbnail Viewer that allows you to annotate your HTML with a rel=”thumbnail” and a lightbox-esque viewer will be added to the link of your choice.

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Thursday, January 25th, 2007

JDA Emulator: Spring for JavaScript

Category: JavaScript, Library

Peter Svensson liked what he saw in MAYA Design Inc.’s JDA implementation, but wanted an open source alternative. He created a free LGPL implementation of Javascript Dataflow Acrhitecture (JDA) called the JDA Emulator. What is JDA? JDA is basically a javascipt microkernel along the same lines as Spring or Hivemind for Java. The wiring of Read the rest…

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Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

WHATWG Web Forms 2.0 Repetition Model Implementation

Category: JavaScript, Library

Weston Ruter has created a cross-browser JavaScript implementation of the WHATWG Web Forms 2.0 Repetition Model after taking to heart the spec that annotates: The entire model can be emulated purely using JavaScript and the DOM. With such a library, this model could be used and down-level clients could be supported before user agents implemented Read the rest…

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Monday, January 22nd, 2007

Fork: One more JavaScript Library

Category: JavaScript, Library

Fork is the latest JavaScript library to be put out there. Fork is a general purpose, namespaced JavaScript library with Ajax, Events, DOM manipulation. There are a few bonus lines of code specifically for use with Ruby on Rails but Fork can be happily used outside of Rails also. Why create yet another JavaScript library? Read the rest…

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Friday, January 19th, 2007

Prototype 1.5, now with Documentation

Category: Examples, JavaScript, Library, Prototype

It is documentation Friday. The new site has launched, and the call for documentation help rang through to some people. This new documentation includes: Tips and Tutorials (e.g. Ajax, Extending the DOM) API Reference Blog There is still room for a lot more help, so join in.

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