Monday, November 27th, 2006

Minus(MO)R a.k.a. Let me write JavaScript but help me!

Category: JavaScript, Library, Rails

Dan Webb has created two Rails plugins to make RJS even better. He has realised that although for some cases RJS is a great thing, you often do want to just use JavaScript, and it looks really ugly to do this: < View plain text > ruby page &lt;&lt; ‘if (someClientSideVariable) {‘ page[‘a’].replace_html :partial =&gt; Read the rest…

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Saturday, November 25th, 2006

Poly9’s Polyvalent Javascript URL Parser

Category: JavaScript, Library

Denis Laprise and the Poly9 Group needed a robust URL parser in JavaScript, so they created the Polyvalent Javascript URL Parser. < View plain text > javascript var p = new Poly9.URLParser(‘’); p.getHost() == ‘’; p.getProtocol() == ‘http’; p.getPathname() == ‘/pathname’; p.getQuerystring() == ‘arguments=1’; p.getFragment() == ‘fragment’; p.getUsername() == ‘user’; p.getPassword() == ‘password’;   p.setURL(‘’); Read the rest…

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Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

Open-jACOB Draw2D

Category: JavaScript, Library, Showcase

Open-jACOB Draw2D is a JavaScript library that allows you to create drawings and diagrams. The User interface allows interactive drawing by using your standard browser. No additional software; no third party plug ins. Just run it and use it. Open-jACOB Draw2D is the graph component of the Open-jACOB online Workflow editor. The purpose of this Read the rest…

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qooxdoo 0.6.2 Released

Category: JavaScript, Library

qooxdoo has a new release that adds support for Webkit. As mentioned above and already announced in our developer blog, qooxdoo now includes support for WebKit. We expect to fully support the next major version Safari 3.0 which will be based on the current development of WebKit. There is only limited support for Safari in Read the rest…

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Lollygag: Latest non-Atlas .NET Framework

Category: .NET, JavaScript, Library, Toolkit

The Lollygag framework is a new Ajax framework for .NET. As Steve the author put it: We attended the first Ajax Experience conference in San Francisco and we got super excited about the potential for building Ajax applications. Since we have a Microsoft .NET background, we planned to start building Ajax applications using Microsoft’s Atlas Read the rest…

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Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

SWFAddress 1.0: Deep Linking for Flash

Category: Flash, JavaScript, Library

Michael Klishin has released SWFAddress 1.0, a new open source JS library (and set of simple techniques) that targets Flash/Ajax SEO and deeplinking problem. SWFAddress uses URL rewrite at client and server-side to redirect from “plain” URL to anchored URL that SWFAddress understands and acts accordingly to what developer implemented. Thus one can use links Read the rest…

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4 rating from 47 votes 1.7 beta: Now with Morphing

Category: JavaScript, Library, Prototype, Scriptaculous, UI

Morphing with CSS is all the rage now, and has stepped up to the plate with their 1.7 beta release. The two main features are: Morphing Effect.Morph is added to the pack, along with a nice helpful any_element.morph to go with it. E.g. showing both styles to morph elements using the given CSS: < Read the rest…

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Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

AjaxCore: PHP Ajax Framework

Category: JavaScript, Library, PHP

They keep on coming folks. Mauro Niewolski has created AjaxCore which is “a multi-purpose PHP framework that ease the development of rich Ajax applications, by generating the appropriate JavaScript code. AjaxCore takes all the dirty work of JavaScript code generation and provides a solid foundation. The concept is to extend a Generic AjaxCore class and Read the rest…

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Monday, November 20th, 2006

Ajax Queue JavaScript Class

Category: JavaScript, Library

Chris Marshall has a background in writing low-level asynchronous code in C++. When he started to write Ajax code he saw the need to manage concurrency and created a Ajax Queue Class that handles all of this for you. An example using the library is this file browser where you see the root of the Read the rest…

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Measuring the aggregate performance of Ajax applications

Category: JavaScript, Library, Performance

Ryan Breen spoke at The Ajax Experience on Ajax performance, and just released a preview of Actual Experience XF with Actual Experience Lite. Instrumentation To instrument a page for collection of metrics, you first include a small .js file in HEAD. Out of the box, the tag will track the DOM Ready and onload times Read the rest…

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Saturday, November 18th, 2006


Category: JavaScript, Library

Walter Higgins is a believer in having a template language for you to use within JavaScript. He had issues with TrimPath’s templating system, so he ended up creating SXOOP.template: Writing TinyTemplate in Perl was a breeze and the codebase is tiny. I used a similar approach to writing SXOOP.template which resulted in a tiny codebase Read the rest…

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Friday, November 17th, 2006

TIBCO General Interface 3.2 Released: Check out our exclusive screencast

Category: Announcements, Interview, JavaScript, Library, TIBCO, Toolkit

TIBCO General Interface 3.2 has been officially released.This is a big release as it contains two big changes: Open Source License. Yes, GI is open source! Firefox support There are many other items of interest too, such as SVG charting, and the load time optimizations.Ben and I got to sit down with Luke Birdeau, the Read the rest…

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Yahoo! UI: 0.12 Release

Category: Announcements, JavaScript, Library, UI, Yahoo!

Version 0.12 of the YUI Library has been released: The TabView Control: Written by YUI Animation and Dom author Matt Sweeney, this dynamic tab solution is the newest YUI addition and features robust support both for progressive enhancement and for high-gloss richness. Check out Matt’s roster of TabView examples for an idea of what the Read the rest…

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Thursday, November 16th, 2006

UJS Illustrated with Event Wax

Category: Library, Rails, Ruby, Unobtrusive JS

Dan Webb, one half of the team behind the Unobtrusive Javascript Plugin for Rails, posted an article on how he used UJS to develop a slick help sidebar for Event Wax. He first gets the help sidebar working using a traditional request for the whole page, and then he adds the ajax functionality via apply_behavior Read the rest…

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Yhc/JavaScript: Write apps in Haskell

Category: JavaScript, Library

We have converters that allow us to stay in Java-land, Ruby-land, and others. Now we have a new kid on the generator block: Yhc/Javascript. Yhc/Javascript is aimed to create a tool that generates Javascript out of a binary Yhc core file. The ability to convert an arbitrary Haskell source into Javascript makes it possible to Read the rest…

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Back Button Support: Safari and Speed

Category: Ajax, JavaScript, Library

Daniel Kantor has implemented a Back button solution in Streampad and has shared it with us. One of the main gripes against AJAX webapps is how they break the back button in a typical browser. There have been a few solutions (notably Brad Neuberg’s Really Simple History) but none have got it working in Safari. Read the rest…

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