Thursday, January 26th, 2006

Supporting the Back-Button: Tutorial on Dev2Dev

Category: Library, Programming, Usability

Backbase’s Mark Schiefelbein has produced a tutorial on handling the Back-Button with Ajax. He notes that the well-cited top 10 Ajax applications includes many examples that break standard expectations about the web. “As a direct consequence of the changes in how to use (D)HTML and HTTP, Ajax applications break the back button and other elements Read the rest…

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Friday, January 20th, 2006

Wt: C++ Ajax Framework

Category: Library

Have you been wishing that you could code up a storm of Ajax with C++? Well, you are in luck with Wt: a web toolkit. What is Wt? Wt (pronounce wit-ty), is a C++ library to develop web applications. The API is widget-centric, and inspired by existing C++ Graphical User Interface APIs. To the developer, Read the rest…

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jQuery: another small JavaScript library

Category: JavaScript, Library

“We want small libraries. We want them now!” We have yet another contender in the small JavaScript library realm: jQuery. Query is a Javascript library that takes this motto to heart: Writing Javascript code should be fun. jQuery acheives this goal by taking common, repetitive, tasks, stripping out all the unnecessary markup, and leaving them Read the rest…

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Thursday, January 19th, 2006

Onion Skinned Drop Shadows with JavaScript

Category: JavaScript, Library, UI

Brian Williams wrote an article back in time on onion skinned drop shadows. Bob Aman decided that although he liked the drop shadows, he thought it was more complicated than it needs to be to implement it (lots of html and css). So he created a simple wrapper JS that uses behaviour.js to do the Read the rest…

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Apache Struts-Shale and Simple Ajax

Category: Java, Library, Remoting

David Geary has announced a new remoting package for Shale, the Java framework that sits on top of JavaServer Faces. Now with one JS function you can access your managed beans on the server side: < View plain text > javascript function zipChanged(zip) {    sendRequest("http://localhost:8080/struts-shale-usecases/" +                "dynamic/remoting$business/cityAndStateForZip.faces" Read the rest…

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Wednesday, January 18th, 2006

Prototype adds CSS selector function: $$(‘div#page p.summary img’)

Category: Library, Prototype, Tip

Those prototype folks love their magic functions don’t they :) This time, Sam Stephenson has added some CSS selector magic to the Prototype trunk. Example: Find all elements inside elements with class “summaryâ€?, all inside the with id “pageâ€? and hide each matched tag: < View plain text > javascript $$(‘div#page p.summary img’).each(Element.hide); For fun, Read the rest…

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PORK.iframe: Form submission with iframes

Category: JavaScript, Library, PHP

Jelle Ursem has created PHP on Rails (kinda).IFRAME, or PORK.iframe. He told us that: I’ve messed around the whole day building on top of moo.ajax building pork.iframe. you can now just do <form method=’post’ action=’index.php’ onsubmit=’new iframe(this); return false;’> and an iframe will automatically be created to update your results asynchronically. As an extra, i’ve Read the rest…

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Moo.ajax: 1.3kb for all your asynchronous needs

Category: Ajax, JavaScript, Library

Valerio Proietti, the creator of Moo.fx, has now created a micro library for Ajax, moo.ajax. I noticed many of you requested if it would have been possible to use the full prototype, instead of the lite one I provided with the full download of moofx, to use its ajax capabilities along with the effects. Sure Read the rest…

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Thursday, January 12th, 2006

JAHAH – Cross-Domain JS Library

Category: Library, Remoting

With all the recent excitement about cross–domain Javascript, it was perhaps inevitable that libraries would emerge to automate the process. David Janes has produced one such library: JAHAH. The name comes from AHAH, which we posted about earlier. Amongst its features: * It is easy for web page authors to include JAHAH documents * It Read the rest…

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Tuesday, January 10th, 2006

ClearNova open sources ThinkCAP Ajax Framework

Category: Editorial, JavaScript, Library, Toolkit, UI

It seems like a lot of people want to get market share with their Ajax frameworks. ThinkCAP JX is now licensed as open source: Two software companies are beefing up their Web applications using Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) and contributing parts of their products to the open-source community to try to spur further Ajax Read the rest…

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JavaScript version of SWT

Category: Library

Scott Delap linked over to J2S, an early JavaScript version of SWT. If you are an Eclipse guru you could jump into an Ajax world quickly… but do we want this complexity?

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Thursday, December 22nd, 2005

Groundwork Guava: Event based PHP Ajax Framework

Category: Library, PHP

Groundwork Guava is a new PHP based application framework and environment. You may ask, “Why another one?”: This one has a bit of a unique aspect because it’s completely object orientated and abstracts the ajax functionality to the extremes. You develop using Guava just like you would develop a desktop app (with event listeners, message Read the rest…

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Wednesday, December 7th, 2005

ACE: Ajax Client Engine

Category: Library

Li Shen has released Ajax Client Engine (ACE), a Javascript component wrapper around XmlHttpRequest under the MIT license. Li also wrote an article on ACE for the December issue of the asp.netPro magazine, though you need to be a subscriber to view the article online. The main featuers of ACE are: simple, object-oriented API with Read the rest…

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Tuesday, December 6th, 2005

OJAX: Ajax-powered metasearch service

Category: Library

An new open-source ajax metasearch service has been released called OJAX. OJAX provides a highly dynamic AJAX based user interface to a federated search service for OAI-PMH compatible repository metadata. It is brought to use from academia and industry: This software was developed by the Information Collections and Management Research Group, UCD School of Information Read the rest…

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Monday, December 5th, 2005

JavaScript Image Magnifier

Category: Component, JavaScript, Library, Showcase

This is a fun one. A small JavaScript image magnifier has been released. With a big of JavaScript, you can add magnification to any images on your page. You can add: <script type=”text/javascript” src=””> </script> and: <div style=”float:left” onmouseover=”zoom_on(event,300,239,’image.jpg’);” onmousemove=”zoom_move(event);” onmouseout=”zoom_off();”><img src=”image.jpg”/></div> You can also have a high-res image for the zoom piece, and use Read the rest…

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Saturday, December 3rd, 2005

More handy Prototype documentation

Category: JavaScript, Library, Prototype

There are some more docs written recently on Prototype, so now there is no excuse for writing the xhr wrapper again or for dealing with dom manipulation all by hand. Get up to speed quick with this nice tutorial written by Ryan Campbell over on Particle Tree. He covers: the $() function and $F() form Read the rest…

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