Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

MooTools 1.2 Beta 2 Released, Adds New Element Storage

Category: MooTools

The MooTools team has been quietly hacking away at their next major release of the MooTools library. A couple of days ago, project leader Valerio announced Beta 2 of MooTools v1.2 for public consumption: Its been almost 2 months since the first 1.2 beta. Bugs were fixed, features were improved, and here it comes: the Read the rest…

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Thursday, November 29th, 2007

New CSS JavaScript Library

Category: CSS, JavaScript, Library, MooTools

Marat Denenberg has continued the trend of CSS frameworks by taking Mootools and creating CSS.js. The library sits on top of CSS itself and gives you: Programmatic CSS Browser Compatibility Custom CSS Properties With programmatic css, you can use loops to generate CSS that might have taken pages to type out. You can have CSS Read the rest…

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Nintendo relaunches with Dojo, Mootools, and more

Category: Dojo, MooTools, Showcase has relaunched, and a view source shows you that it now sports Dojo, Mootools, and much more script. As you hunt around for where you will see fun stuff in action you will find the game guide: Take a peak and you see how they use inline templating. < View plain text > HTML Read the rest…

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Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

MooTools Calendar Component

Category: Calendar, Component, JavaScript, MooTools

We just featured SCal, and now we have a MooTools Calendar component created by Aeron Glemann. I have tried to make Calendar as semantic as possible–with proper usage of CAPTION, THEAD, TBODY, TH and TD elements–and lots of CSS styling hooks. View the Calendar stylesheet for examples of the CSS; see the Styling Your Calendar Read the rest…

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Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

Mocha UI – MooTools Canvas UI class

Category: Canvas, MooTools, UI

In an ongoing exercise to become more familiar with MooTools and Canvas, Greg Houston has created an extension to MooTools called Mocha UI which provides a new UI class made with canvas tag graphics. The new class provides the following set of features: No images. The windows, including their controls, gradients and shadows, are drawn Read the rest…

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Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

MooTools 1.2 beta 1

Category: MooTools

The MooTools team has just released MooTools 1.2 beta 1 for public review. Some new items include: The amazing Hash – a wrapper for native JavaScript Objects Specs! – Behavior Driven Development Effects Enhancements New Browser object, that holds useful information on the browser being used. This informations used to be stored in the window Read the rest…

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Monday, November 5th, 2007

MooMonth – MooTools-based Calendar

Category: Calendar, MooTools

Roland Poulter recently released MooMonth, a MooTools-based calendar system. I did a brief email interview with Roland and here’s his feedback: When did you release it into alpha? I put the site online a little more than a week ago. It was actually kinda slapped together, I designed a logo and stuff but I didn’t Read the rest…

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Friday, June 15th, 2007

FancyUpload with MooTools

Category: Component, Flash, JavaScript, Library, MooTools

Harald Kirschner has released FancyUpload: Swf meets Ajax for beautiful uploads. The release of the long awaited MooTools upload widget thats allows queued multiple-file upload including progress bars. It features: Select and upload multiple files Filter files by type in the select dialog Optional Events to add your own behaviour Show and filter useful file Read the rest…

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Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

SlickSpeed CSS Selector TestSuite

Category: CSS, JavaScript, Library, MooTools

SlickSpeed is a CSS selector test suite provided by the MooTools folk. This tool comes at the same time as they release CSS3 support in Mootools, and it compares Prototype, jQuery, MooTools, Ext, and CSS Query. Every framework runs in his own iFrame, thus no conflicts can happen. Tests are run selector by selector, with Read the rest…

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Monday, June 4th, 2007

IIPImage: Ajax-based Ultra High Resolution Image Viewer

Category: Library, MooTools, Showcase

Ruven has created, an open source, ultra-high resolution image viewer called IIPImage. It uses the Mootools library and is only 8KB in packed form. It’s a client server system with the client using Ajax requests to query the server and download image tiles. Users can navigate and zoom with the mouse or keyboard. There are Read the rest…

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Thursday, May 10th, 2007

MooTools Video Tutorial

Category: Examples, MooTools, Recording, Screencast

Rick Blalock has released a free version of his MooTools video tutorial that covers: Lesson Two – De-Cluttering the Membership Page Lesson Three – Using MooTabs to Condense Related Products Lesson Four – Using a MooTools ‘Light Box’ to Create a Friendly Gallery Lesson Five – Using Fx.Styles to Control Font Size Lesson Six – Read the rest…

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Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

MooTools 1.1 Released

Category: JavaScript, Library, MooTools

MooTools version 1.1 has been released with “with crazy optimizations for speed, compatibility, flexibility, and all around greatness.” New Features Custom Events: A brand-new API to define custom events. The events ‘mouseenter’, and ‘mouseleave’, and ‘domready’ have been added as custom events. Enhanced Element(): New methods, and enhancements such as an improved way to add Read the rest…

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