Thursday, January 11th, 2007

ZipToPhone: Free Texting

Category: Showcase

Mike Keen has created a simple little site that uses Ajax and MooTools effects to deliver free text messages from the web, without the hassle of registration even. Clean and simple.

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Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

Leafletter: Building mini embedable apps

Category: Showcase

Leafletter is a new service that enables users to create miniature web sites (“Leaflets”) and embed them into social networks, blogs, and other web sites. A Leaflet is a miniature Flash® based web site that can be displayed anywhere HTML is welcome. For instance, a Leaflet could be distributed to the About Me section of Read the rest…

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3.5 rating from 22 votes

Monday, January 8th, 2007

NovaLet: More simple blogging

Category: Showcase

NovaLet is a new blogging service that aims to be even simpler than Vox. It isn’t quite open to the public yet, but already features: Create, Edit and Delete categories instantly. Create, Edit and Delete Links instantly. Create, Edit and Delete static Pages. Create, Edit and Delete Blog Posts under a certain category. Update, Add Read the rest…

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4.2 rating from 35 votes

CheckItOut: Rails Money Management

Category: Showcase

CheckItOut is an open source Rails based application to manage personal money accounts. It was born out of the desire to have an application like this web based. You can give it a whirl via the demo.

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3.6 rating from 25 votes Tag clouds meets To Do lists

Category: Showcase

InterfaceThis has launched an alternative To Do list that combines Ajax/DHTML, the power of tag clouds, and the simplicity of a whiteboard to provide a fresh approach to task management. It features: View and enter tasks quickly and easily, from anywhere. Put everything on your mind in your Braindump list. Put near-term tasks in Read the rest…

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3.2 rating from 17 votes

Friday, January 5th, 2007 Amazon’s Beta Experiment

Category: Showcase is a new site created by Amazon “in response to customers’ desires to shop a destination dedicated to shoes and handbags”. They have created a very rich experience that is highly dynamic including: Ajax pagination Image zooming to get closer Dynamically changing other choices as you mouse over an element (e.g. mouse over the Read the rest…

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3.7 rating from 40 votes

Sidekiq: Multi-search

Category: Showcase

Sidekiq is a new search site developed by the guys that brought us Ajax Agent. Sidekiq is an Ajax based search engine portal. It uses a combination of Web 2.0 app development techniques like Ajax, hidden iFrame hacks & user behavior analytics to perform simultaneous searches from multiple sites. Users can perform search in various Read the rest…

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3.9 rating from 34 votes

Get Gliffy with it

Category: Showcase

I first heard of Gliffy via the Confluence plugin. Gliffy is a web based diagram tool that lets you build and share any type of diagram. They are pretty too.

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3.8 rating from 28 votes

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

Ajax Bookmarking System

Category: Showcase

Stew Houston has created an Ajax bookmarking system using PHP. He has written up his experience building the system and includes a simple demo

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3 rating from 24 votes

Fooplot: function plotting

Category: Showcase

Dheera Venkatraman has released Fooplot, a new website that plots any function, and supports Google Maps-style panning around. Fooplot is currently using SVG and VML to do the rendering and canvas support is coming for Safari. For good SVG browsers like Firefox and Opera, 3D plots work too. In the future, it will communicate with Read the rest…

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4.2 rating from 21 votes

Dishola: Web 2.0 Restaurant Guide

Category: PHP, Showcase

Dishola is a new site that aims to be the Web 2.0 restaurant guide. The site was built with CakePHP (v1.2) and is unobtrusively decorated w/ Ajax thanks to addDOMLoadEvent and Cake’s RequestHandler component (for instance, if you’re logged in and click on the “Add to My Future Feasts” link before the DOM has loaded, Read the rest…

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4.2 rating from 50 votes

30 Boxes Updates Public View

Category: Calendar, Showcase

30 boxes has always given you the ability to show your public events from a calendar, but it was a primitive list. Now, a rich calendar view is shown so any scary person on the internet can stalk you via a nice experience.

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3.5 rating from 34 votes

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

eCirkit: More social networking

Category: Java, Showcase is a new social networking platform that has it’s fair share of Ajax sprinkled in. On your profile page you can mouse over your user interests and a tooltip popup appears showing the full text of your interests, like favorite TV shows. You can then click the tooltip popup to go into edit mode, Read the rest…

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3.4 rating from 31 votes

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

Create your own Webtop in PHP and JavaScript

Category: PHP, Showcase

Chris Ravenscroft decided to build his own webtop in PHP and JavaScript and has written up the experience. He built on: Sebastien Gruhier’s Prototype Window Mohamed Ahmed’s Users Login System Michal Migursky and Matt Knapp’s Json class InputParser.php, which I extracted from my very own nextBBS‘ source tree If you are interested in the code Read the rest…

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3.5 rating from 36 votes

Monday, January 1st, 2007

jsFlickrSlideshow: Sliding through Flickr

Category: Canvas, JavaScript, Library, Showcase

The jsFlickrSlideshow is a JavaScript component that wraps the canvas tag to display images from Flickr. Check out the project home page View the Demo Download the code

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2.7 rating from 18 votes

Friday, December 29th, 2006

Ninja Words: Online Dictionary

Category: Prototype, Showcase

Ninjawords is a simple dictionary service that uses Ajax to ping resources to retrieve dictionary content. To feel lucky in this app, you click random.

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3.6 rating from 32 votes