Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

myfabrik lite: content storage

Category: Showcase

myfabrik has released myfabrik lite, an application to let you “host and deliver content”. The interface to the storage is clean and ajaxy, and tags are prevalent (as is the law these days). ( via Richard )

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Monday, November 20th, 2006

Groups Wiki: Ajax’d WYSIWYG Wiki

Category: RichTextWidget, Showcase

Ben Nolan has created his take on an ajax’d up wysiwyg wiki called GroupsWiki. Some of the interesting features are: Always editing, users are always editing their wikis, we attach events to the links so that they can open new pages even while contenteditable is enabled. Ajax image insert using a micro-version of lightbox. We Read the rest…

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Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

Me.dium: Bringing social to the web

Category: Showcase

We have heard that a major part of Web 2.0 is the ‘social’ side of things. That being said, most of the time we are working on the web in solitary mode. There are the odd sharing applications such as sitting with a buddy in front of Google Spreadsheet, but in the most part you Read the rest…

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GeoJoey: Mashing up maps and experiences

Category: Mapping, Showcase

One of the keys to mashing up maps is the fact that our species gets to annotate the web. GeoJoey is an application that is trying to make this happening by mashing up places with experiences. Find experiences and places, and vote on them. The front page looks like Digg, Delicious, and Google Maps combined.

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DormItem: Free College Classifieds

Category: Rails, Showcase

DormItem is a Rails application that uses a single page Ajax model for the interface. Filtering is done via search and tags, all filtering the main content area without a full page request. You will notice that the URLs end in: #/someaction. This allows for bookmarking and reloads even though the item was got too Read the rest…

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Tuesday, November 14th, 2006

OctaGate SiteTimer: Time your page loads

Category: Showcase, Utility

OctaGate SiteTimer is a service hosted in Stockholm (Sweden) that performs page loads, and gives you detailed results. There are currenly one SiteTimer server, located in Stockholm (Sweden) that performs the actual page downloads. This means that if you’re for instance in the US, the measurements you’re seeing are based on a user located in Read the rest…

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The Find: More Shopping

Category: PHP, Showcase

The Find is a shopping site that has a couple of nice UI items, some of which use Ajax techniques. Mouseover the items to get details in a popup Shopping cart built in (that you can place in, but can’t drag and drop) Modal dialogs (e.g. email to friend, feedback box) Automatic sizing of the Read the rest…

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Monday, November 13th, 2006

Experimental Odeo Interface

Category: Showcase

Evan Williams talked about how Ajax interfaces do not have to give up permalinks. We have seen many examples, and Even uses an an experimental new interface to his Odeo as an example itself.

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Friday, November 10th, 2006

Alexa Traffic Widget Cleanup

Category: Showcase

The Alexa traffic widget has been updated as noted by Kian Ann. It is nicely tabbed, allows you to easily add up to 5 comparisons, but the best feature is the slider for “smoothing”. I will always have the smooth meter on the far right now, as it makes the graph a lot easier to Read the rest…

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Erlang Ajax Jukebox

Category: Showcase

Tony Garnock-Jones released an Ajax jukebox written with Prototype on the frontend and Erlang on the backend. You point the jukebox at one or more root URLs, which it then spiders, collecting URLs for MP3 and OGG files, which it puts into a simple flat-file database. Just expose, say, your iTunes folder via Apache, point Read the rest…

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Thursday, November 9th, 2006

Zimbra Demonstrates Offline Ajax

Category: Offline, Showcase

I know that the network will catch up, but in today’s world people want to be able to access their data when they are offline, whether it be on a plane, or just when the darn cable connection does out again. Zimbra demonstrated taking their Ajax collaboration app offline today: The design goal is to Read the rest…

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Nottr: More Web 2.0 Notes

Category: Showcase

Web 2.0 notes seems to be the hot thing. The Ajax chat of 2006 if you will. Thiago Jackiw, developer of the acts_as_solr plugin for Ruby on Rails, has just launched his latest Ajax’d project, is a free website where you can write your notes and: Share them through the web in a Read the rest…

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Real-Time Collaboration: ConceptShare and Thinkature

Category: Comet, Showcase

TechCrunch reports on two products in the growing category of real-time collaboration. These products let two or more people create a shared workspace, mark it up, manipulate images, and chat together. Kind of a real-time wiki for a limited set of contributors, and not too different from the sort of collaboration available in Google Docs Read the rest…

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Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

Helipad: your web notepad

Category: Showcase

Alex Young (author of Tiktrac) and his team have created a new product called Helipad. This tool aims to be a web-based version of your notepad. It’s a simple online notepad that provides tagging, colourised tags, auto-save, and allows people to turn their documents into plugins and themes through their add-on engine. Here is the Read the rest…

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Monday, November 6th, 2006

StickyTag: Web post-its

Category: Showcase

StickyTag is a simple system that lets you create post-it notes via the web just like the desktop version, and other online versions. If you are the kind of person who would prefer to use a web based system that follows you as you go from computer to computer this could make sense. It would Read the rest…

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SpeedTest: Test your internet connection speed

Category: Flash, Showcase

This is an old classic. is a hybrid Ajax/Flash web application that shows you upload and download stats between your computer and server around the world. It has a very nice visualization of a dashboard and a map (Flash) that integrates with your results and sharing those results via HTML. They could have just Read the rest…

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