Friday, March 13th, 2009

JavaScript API Viewer: Client-side parsing with Dojo

Category: Dojo, Utility

The uxebu folks have put together a really nice JavaScript API viewer that is entirely written in JavaScript a la Code Illuminated. The docs are very impressive, and it is indeed cool to do this all on the client, so it works offline just as easily as online. The team talked about the various documentation Read the rest…

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Thursday, March 12th, 2009

DOMLint: Checking for Form Conflicts

Category: JavaScript, Utility

A few days ago, Prototype developer Juriy Zaytsev announced a new utility, DOMLint. It aims to solve an obscure but important problem with forms and JavaScript: Form controls, for example, can be accessed by their “name” through property access of <form> element… What happens if we try to access an element whose name matches a Read the rest…

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APNG Class: Get APNG going on all browsers

Category: JavaScript, Library, MooTools, UI, Utility

Guillermo Rauch, who has a really nice looking site at devthought has created APNG a class to bootstrap animating PNG images: APNG provides simple frame-based animation functionality. It’s main goal is solve the problem of animating alpha-transparent images (PNG format). Features APNG is very flexible when it comes to the method of displaying the various Read the rest…

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Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Qooxdoo Inspector and 0.8.2 Release

Category: Qooxdoo, Utility

Andreas Ecker from the Qooxdoo team wrote to us about the recent 0.8.2 release, which includes a bunch of good stuff, including: * Inspector, a cross-browser debugging tool a la Firebug * Tons of improvements and bugfixes over the previous version * Tested for all common browsers, including betas like IE8 * Optimized packaging and Read the rest…

Posted by Ben Galbraith at 6:00 am
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Monday, March 9th, 2009

JavaScript build process using Ant

Category: Utility

Johan “Spocke” Sörlin of Moxiecode has written an article on a build process that uses Ant to munge JavaScript. The preprocessor lives in the open source js build tools project and allows you to do C-style ifdef type work: < View plain text > javascript // #ifdef somedefine   someLogic();   // #endif   someOtherLogic(); Read the rest…

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Friday, March 6th, 2009

Calculate your content to markup ratio

Category: Tip, Utility

Stoyan Stefanov has created a fun little bookmarklet that calculates the content to markup ratio of a webpage: When you care about performance, or SEO (or just doing a good job as web dev) an interesting data point is the ratio of page content vs. the markup used to present this content. Or… how much Read the rest…

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Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Juicer: Package your JavaScript and CSS

Category: Performance, Utility

Christian Johansen has released Juicer a very nice Sprocket-esque tool for packaging and managing your JavaScript AND your CSS. It has taken all of the best practices and put them in one tool, including: resolve dependencies for JavaScripts and CSS files combine files add cache busters to URLs inside CSS files cycle asset hosts for Read the rest…

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Thursday, February 26th, 2009

JSONView: JSON browser from within Firefox

Category: JSON, Utility

JSONView is a new Firefox extension that gives you a nice way to view your JSON documents (JSONovich also does the trick). Ben Hollis talks about the extension: The extension itself is pretty simple. I wasn’t sure how to approach the problem of supporting a new content type for Firefox, so I followed the example Read the rest…

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Friday, February 20th, 2009

Sprockets: Build time JavaScript dependancy management

Category: JavaScript, Ruby, Utility

Sprockets is a build time Ruby tool that reads in your JavaScript files, preprocesses and concatenates: It takes any number of source files and preprocesses them line-by-line in order to build a single concatenation. Specially formatted lines act as directives to the Sprockets preprocessor, telling it to require the contents of another file or library Read the rest…

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Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

YAML Debug: Page Info Debugger

Category: Debugging, Utility

Dirk Jesse pointed us to his YAML Debug project, a cool little bookmarklet with a nice interface: While he talks about its special abilities when mated with YAML-powered websites, its general abilities are quite handy indeed, including highlighting various code quality and accessibility metrics, conditionally removing style sheets, viewing layout information, and more. One interesting Read the rest…

Posted by Ben Galbraith at 9:00 am
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Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Bespin: A new Mozilla Labs experimental extensible code editor using Canvas

Category: Canvas, JavaScript, Mozilla, Showcase, Utility

Ben and I are excited to be releasing the first concept out of the Mozilla Developer Lab. As you know, we are big believers in the Open Web. Chris Wilson mentioned that many people are still building Web applications on top of browser technology from yester year. What if we built on more leading edge Read the rest…

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Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Favicon generator and editor

Category: Showcase, Utility, Yahoo!

Stuart Colville has announced a fun little project that he and fellow collaborators Ed Elliot and Cyril Doussin have worked on. Their Favicon Generator lets you upload an image and then go in and tweak the pixels :) Although many modern web browsers support favicons saved as GIFs, PNGs or other popular file formats all Read the rest…

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Friday, February 6th, 2009

FireScope: Add a Web reference to your Firebug

Category: Debugging, Utility

Firescope is a nice new Firebug extension that adds a reference tab to your debugging pane as well as hooks into your context menu. Features You can search for HTML elements, HTML attributes, or CSS properties (or any combination). The search happens live as you type, so usually you’ll only have to type one or Read the rest…

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Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Pagetest visualizations of connections

Category: Performance, Utility

Patrick Meenan has added a new set of visualizations to performance.webpagetest.org. Patrick told folks on the exceptional performance mailing list about it: There are 2 versions. On the main waterfall page (below the traditional waterfall) you’ll see a “connection” view of the waterfall. If you go to the content breakdown page (click on the pie Read the rest…

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Forget Chuck, Preloaders 3D right now!

Category: Ajax, Utility

I enjoy the US show Chuck (maybe because a geeky guy gets to hang with a beautiful woman? :) and there is a 3D episode to launch their new season. Our 2009 Ajax season relaunches an old favourite meme, the Ajax loaders (e.g. ajaxload.info) with a new 3D special. Timur Gafforov has given us Preloaders Read the rest…

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Friday, January 23rd, 2009

JSLint Multi: Continously monitor multiple JavaScript files

Category: JavaScript, Utility, Widgets, Yahoo!

Michael Schøler and Jakob Kruse have created JSLint Multi a widget that acts as a continous linter for the Yahoo! Widgets platform: JSLint Multi uses Douglas Crockford’s excellent JSLint tool to check your Javascript files for potential problems. Drag a folder unto JSLint Multi, and it will give you an overview of the JSLint status Read the rest…

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