Thursday, October 18th, 2007

Companion.JS: IE Debugging, now supports console.log

Category: JavaScript, Utility

Jean-Fabrice Rabaute has released Companion.JS, an IE debugger that features: Detailled javascript error reporting (call stack and real file name where the error occured). “Firebug”-like Console API feature. Javascript console feature useful to inspect javascript objects at runtime. A toolbar icon to open the Companion.JS panel.

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Thursday, October 4th, 2007

YSlow 0.8: Fixing the Firebug Net Panel

Category: Debugging, Utility, Yahoo!

I got to spend a little time with Steve Souders, Chief Performance Yahoo!, and not only is he a really good guy, he has a lot of great experience at getting web sites performing. I have a full writeup of his talk on Web Performance where he discusses his 14 rules of performing sites, how Read the rest…

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A simple guide to using Firebug

Category: Articles, Utility

Phil Rees has written up a nice introduction to Firebug, showing us how you can use Firebug to: Inspect custom stylesheets included by Google Mashup Editor Modify in-memory stylesheets to see the changes reflected immediately Place watches and breakpoints into running JavaScript Execute arbitrary JavaScript in the context of your running application Monitor Ajax calls, Read the rest…

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Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

Complete UI 2007 for Dreamweaver

Category: JavaScript, Toolkit, Utility

Awhile back we discussed Dreamweaver as a potential Ajax IDE. Here’s the press release: Nitobi”s Complete UI is a powerful set of components that will give Dreamweaver users the ability to present data in an engaging format in a fraction of the time,” states Michael Lekse, Vice President of Sales and Services at WebAssist. “Dreamweaver Read the rest…

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Friday, September 28th, 2007

CSS Sprite Generator Released

Category: CSS, Performance, Utility

Stuart Collville and Ed Eliot just launched a new CSS Sprite Generator tool, which is the first of many in a series of web-site performance tools. For the uninitiated, a CSS Sprite is a single image file which contains several graphics. Using CSS background positions it’s possible to display any one of the graphics. By Read the rest…

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Friday, September 21st, 2007

CSSVista: Tweak CSS and see it in IE and Firefox at the same time

Category: CSS, Utility

CSSVista is a free Windows application for web developers which lets you edit your CSS code live in both Internet Explorer and Firefox simultaneously. The software is brought to us by the authors of Litmus, a tool that tests your websites on a set of browsers.

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Friday, August 31st, 2007

Ajax View: Remotely Monitoring Client-side Web App Performance and Behavior

Category: JavaScript, Utility

Emre Kıcıman and Benjamin Livshits of Microsoft research have created a new project called Ajax View: The goal of the Ajax View project is to improve developer’s visibility into and control over their web applications’ behaviors on end-user’s desktops. The Ajax View approach is to insert a server-side proxy (or web server plugin) in-between the Read the rest…

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Thursday, August 30th, 2007

YAML the CSS framework

Category: CSS, Framework, Utility

When I first saw an email from Dirk Jesse about YAML, I was instantly in Ruby mode. Then as I read I realised that he was talking about a totally different YAML, his own CSS framework “Yet Another Multicolumn Layout” (compareble to YUI Grids or blueprint) that is designed for creating flexible float-based multicolumn css-layouts. Read the rest…

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Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

Keep on squeezing with YUI Compressor

Category: Utility, Yahoo!

Julien Lecomte keeps rev’ing his new YUI Compressor with a 2.0 release. What’s new? I am very pleased to announce the release of version 2.0 of the YUI Compressor. In addition to fixing several bugs and implementing a few enhancements suggested by the community, I also integrated Isaac Schlueter’s regular expression based CSS minifier. Therefore, Read the rest…

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Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

XRAY your Internet Explorer

Category: Utility

We had a great response for XRAY, the “free cross browser tool that lets you see the box model in action for any element, letting you see beneath the skin of any web page.” The number one question was “but what about IE???” and now we have the answer. The latest release supports IE6 and Read the rest…

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Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

YUI Compressor: The latest minification tool

Category: Java, JavaScript, Utility

Julien Lecomte has created a new tool that aims to minify better than JSMin, and compress better than the Dojo compressor: The What The YUI Compressor is a new JavaScript minifier. Its level of compaction is higher than the Dojo compressor, and it is as safe as JSMin. Tests on the YUI library have shown Read the rest…

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Friday, August 10th, 2007

RegexPal: Now with colours

Category: Utility

If you needed more web regular expression options, this is your lucky Friday. RegexPal does the job, and changes colour on the fly as it mixes and matches.

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Getting Fuzzy with jsfunfuzz

Category: JavaScript, Utility

Jesse Ruderman has released jsfunfuzz, a fuzz tester that hunts for edge cases that can break things. It tests the JavaScript language engine itself, not the DOM. (That means that it works with language features such as functions, objects, operators, garbage collection rather than DOM objects accessed through “window” or “document”.) It has found about Read the rest…

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Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

CodePress: Real-time syntax editor

Category: JavaScript, Utility

We posted about a nice syntax highlighting JavaScript editor awhile back. Now we also have a “web-based source code editor with syntax highlighting written in JavaScript that colors text in real time while it’s being typed in the browser” named CodePress. It groks languages such as JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Java, Perl, SQL, and HTML, and Read the rest…

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Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

Audible Ajax Episode 22: Joe Hewitt on Firebug, Firefox, and iUI

Category: Firefox, Interview, iPhone, Podcasts, Utility

This is Joe Hewitt week. We were fortunate enough to find some time to chat with Joe about a myriad of topics. These topics ranged from: Firebug: How Firebug came about, tips and tricks and hidden toys, and YSlow Browsers: We had a fun chat about the history of Firefox, and how Gecko and Webkit Read the rest…

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pzImageCombine: One image for CSS clipping

Category: CSS, Performance, Utility

Various people have documented the clipping technique of taking one large image, and showing a piece of it in a particular place, thus combining X numbers of images into one download. Alexander Graef has created a tool to automate this task for you called pzImageCombine. It allows you to choose an image directory and combine Read the rest…

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