Editorial Information

Random thoughts on posting on Ajaxian.com

  • Front Page: There is a magic “Front Page” category which…. means that the posting will show up on the front page :) If you want to post something like a Job, then make sure that Front Page is NOT selected
  • Embedding Code: We use the iG:Syntax Hiliter plugin which means that to embed code, just surround it with: [nameoflanguage] … put in the code … [/nameoflanguage]. E.g. , , , , etc. No need for code or pre tags.
  • Header Images: To post a small header image, put in the img and add: class=”headerimage left” or “headerimage right” as the case may be. We try to have a href tags around all images.
  • Categories in general: select as many categories to tag posts. The more the better
  • No postings on marketing fluff: e.g. random press releases, some new Ajax site in china, etc.
  • Distill: The best posts take the raw content, and give the users an opening section that really gives the news that developers want to read. Less can often be more. Think about what would you want to read.