Monday, June 21st, 2010

Studying perceived performance of Firefox and Chrome

Category: Browsers, Usability

“A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.” said the cowboy John Wayne. Mozilla’s new intern with the same name knows that Mozilla needs to do… and it needs to do performance. It isn’t just about JavaScript performance though, the battle for the hearts and minds is perceived performance. This is a Read the rest…

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Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Do LESS with Less.js

Category: CSS, JavaScript

Dmitry Fadeyev has a great writeup of less.js, the implementation of the LESS styling language in JavaScript itself. Traditionally you would write a less file such as: < View plain text > css @brand-color: #3879BD;   .rounded(@radius: 3px) {     -webkit-border-radius: @radius;     -moz-border-radius: @radius;     border-radius: @radius; }   #header { Read the rest…

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Friday, June 18th, 2010

Scaling UI controls appropriately on the mobile Web

Category: JavaScript, Mobile, Usability

Using the mobile Web with modern devices that give you the “full Web” and allow you to zoom in and out on the page (if zooming hasn’t been turned off of course). Sam Stephenson (of Prototype and 37Signals fame) has taken on the problem of the sizing of controls. If you zoom out, normally, controls Read the rest…

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Inline content assist for text fields and areas

Category: Component, JavaScript, Library

Sergey Chikuyonok has created a really nice, easy to use, and good looking content assist library for input text fields and text areas: It calculates precise position of characters in <textarea> or <input> tag and places completion proposals popup under it. You can explicitly call popup window to assist/replace word (depends on caret position) with Read the rest…

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Thursday, June 17th, 2010

The march to a more client-centric Web; Will the mobile Web, HTML5, and Chrome Web Apps be the tipping point?

Category: Editorial

Progressive enhancement. Disconnected offline applications. There is a tension brewing in how we deliver applications on the Web. This isn’t a new tension. It has been around ever since we started to do more than just throw HTML down the pipe for the hypertext document runtime to render. With the Ajax revolution we talked a Read the rest…

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Sencha Touch: The end of native; A new touch framework for the Web

Category: JavaScript, Library, Mobile, Sencha

As I walked around Moscone last week, I saw some prophets speaking of a future that isn’t all Native. A future where the Web is the platform. Others saw it too: I pondered who would be behind the act and smiled as I had a good idea. The group behind this all is the newly Read the rest…

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Modernizr: Point and see how modern you are

Category: Library

Modernizr detects feature support across JS APIs and CSS. Now, there is a simple page that shows you what Modernizr thinks of your browser:

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Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

JSKB: JavaScript Knowledge Base. Shrinking your code via BrowserScope and Caja

Category: Performance

We have a screwed up tensions on the Web. The size of your source code really matters for performance. The larger your .js…. the longer it takes it to get down the pipe. This has a perverse incentive to write terse uncommented code. Add to this the problem of having to work cross browser, and Read the rest…

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POC ePub Book Reader Booktorious

Category: JavaScript

I checked out this new POC app called Booktorious by August Lilleaas. It’s actually pretty neat in that it’s a 100% client side web application that reads EPUB books. So I jumped over to epubBooks and downloaded Through the Looking-Glass just to see how far down the rabbit hole I could go with this (sorry Read the rest…

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Guess the color. Hex geekery.

Category: Fun, Games

How hex geeky do you feel today? Take a sec to guess the hex!

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Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Raphaël paints some logos and gives them to you for free

Category: Design

Raphaël. Painter. Turtle. One the back of the fact that Raphaël will continue to do great things in the JS space due to Sencha Labs funding we have another little gift. 104 MIT licensed icons: Go check out the page and zoom in to see the vector goodness.

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Sencha = ExtJS + jQTouch + Raphaël + Connect

Category: Sencha

Whenever you name your company after your first product you run into the issue that people think that is who you are. The company behind ExtJS has grown up a lot recently, and partly to show that, now come to you as Sencha, a new identity. They have also clearly separated their GPL/commercial offerings from Read the rest…

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Suburban World; The fantastic HTML5 Aves gaming engine is back

Category: Games

Do you remember being really impressed by the initial

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Y.preload: load before execution

Category: Performance

Caridy Patino has posted on a new YUI3 module for preloading of content, implementing Stoyan’s ideas. You can now strap on some preloading goodness to your YUI application: < View plain text > javascript YUI({     //Last Gallery Build of this module     gallery: ‘gallery-2010.05.05-19-39’ }).use(‘gallery-preload’, function(Y) {   Y.preload ([     Read the rest…

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Monday, June 14th, 2010

animateWithCSS: Aza’s jQuery Plugin

Category: Animation, CSS

< View plain text > javascript // Makes all paragraph elements grow a border and then atrophy away. $("p").animateWithCSS(   {border: "5px solid #555"}, // CSS properties to animate   1000,                       // Duration in ms   "cubic-bezier",        // The timing function Read the rest…

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Craziness with CSS: Animated Twitter Fail Whale

Category: CSS

Developers continue to do crazy things to show us what can be done with CSS3. The latest is a fully animated Twitter fail whale by Steve Dennis: The idea for this came to me this morning after being greeted first thing this morning by another Twitter outage. I’d been looking for something to stretch my Read the rest…

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