Monday, September 26th, 2005

20 CSS Tips & Tricks

Category: CSS

Pete Freitag has whipped up 20 CSS Tips and Tricks: Rounded Corners Rounded Corners without images Creating a Netflix style star ratings Tableless forms Styling Lists with CSS 2 Column Layout Technique 3 Column Layout with CSS 3 Column Fixed width centered layout Printing with CSS Adding a CSS stylesheet to an RSS feed Footer Read the rest…

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War of the Web: Revenge of the Dynamics

Category: Editorial

As I was watching “24 hour party people” on DVD, I heard the main character talk about the ebbs and flows of the music business. He is talking about the scene in Manchester at the end of the 70’s, and into the eighties. Moving from Joy Division to Happy Mondays and New Order. I think Read the rest…

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Sunday, September 25th, 2005

Prototype and Updates

Category: Prototype, Toolkit

Both Prototype and have announced upgrades. Prototype Firstly, there is a new Prototype 1.4 available for download that: features JSON support, a nice new Range object and some other goodies. Including being able to do things like Generate sorta-kinda-UUIDs in JavaScript with Prototype 1.4.0_pre6 function UUID() { return [4, 2, 2, 2, 6].map(function(length) { Read the rest…

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TurboGears: Python in the battle

Category: Screencast, Toolkit

Python has always had quality web solutions. Django was an early Rails competitor, and now Kevin Dangoor has given us TurboGears. To check it out you should see the 20 minute video where Kevin builds a Wiki application. You will see TurboGears in action, including the parts and pieces that it uses: MochiKit is a Read the rest…

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Friday, September 23rd, 2005

Yahoo! Mail Beta Review

Category: Editorial

We all know about the Yahoo! Mail Beta. My friends over at Internet Stock Blog reported that The New Yahoo Mail is Far Superior to Gmail according to WSJ personal technology columnist Walter Mossberg. I got an invite to the Yahoo! Mail beta myself and took it for a test drive. There is a tough Read the rest…

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ClearNova announces ThinkCAP JX

Category: Java, JavaScript, Toolkit, UI

ClearNova has announced ThinkCAP JX, which is a RAD platform for building Ajax, and J2EE applications. Features MVC Framework Integrated Visual Workbench Page Flow Designer Smart Data Binding Data Aware Components “Mock” Data Prototyping Updateable DataView Content Management Checkout screen shots of the tools Resources ClearNova integrates Java and Ajax: Spurred by Ajax, the Rich Read the rest…

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Showcase: Simply Hired

Category: Showcase

Simply Hired is a nice clean interface that ties into all the jobs out there. It has the now ubiquitous ajax rating system, and also lets you click and go with “map it” and “search it” for each job. Later on you click on the mapped and saved tabs to get a drop down for Read the rest…

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Slashdotted: Ajax for Java developers

Category: Articles

IBM developerWorks has a nice introductory article on Ajax for Java developers. The page-reload cycle presents one of the biggest usability obstacles in Web application development and is a serious challenge for Javaâ„¢ developers. In this series, author Philip McCarthy introduces a groundbreaking approach to creating dynamic Web application experiences. Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) Read the rest…

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Thursday, September 22nd, 2005

Common Times: + Google News

Category: Showcase

Common Times has launched the beta of their Ajax Personal Front Page. Register, and log in to see the “customize” links. Click on customize to see the drop down, make some changes, and apply them. There is also an Ajax tag browser Common Times is a social bookmarking community for news readers.

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Word Complete 1.0

Category: Component

Hakan Bilgin has created Wordcomplete, a component that allows you to add autocomplete in words in a text area. Hot Keys Up Arrow: Previous match Down Arrow: Next Match TAB: Accept suggested word ESC: Toggles the auto complete Word Complete auto completes words based on the characters the user has typed and shows them by Read the rest…

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Ajax and Browser History

Category: Articles, Dojo

Brad Neuberg has gone off experimenting with the combination of Ajaxian techniques, and the browser history (back and forward). Issues The following major issues affect all of the AJAX history libraries I have evaluated, other than the Really Simple History framework. First, some history frameworks, such as Dojo, use JavaScript objects to store an internal Read the rest…

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Adaptive Path and Workshop

Category: Workshop

Adaptive Path and Ajaxian have teamed up to provide an Ajax workshop. The first workshop, Designing and Building Ajax, will take place in Chicago on December 8th, 2005. Workshop Information The impact of Ajax for Web applications covers a wide range of issues: business strategy, technology, design, team structure and processes are all potentially affected Read the rest…

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Wednesday, September 21st, 2005

Video Interviews with Scott Isaacs and Omar Shahine of Microsoft on MSN Ajax

Category: .NET, Ajax, Presentation

More and more content is coming out of Redmond. Microsoft’s Channel 9 has put up a couple of Ajaxian videos. Firstly, we have Scott Isaacs on MSN DHTML Foundation, where Scott starts off showing us that yes. Microsoft invented Ajax ;) Oh, and that it isn’t Ajax. It is DHTML. You can’t blame him can Read the rest…

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IE Web Developer Helpers

Category: IE, JavaScript, Utility

At Microsoft PDC, we heard about the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar Beta, which is like the Firefox Web Developer extension that every web developer has in their back pocket. IE Developer Toolbar The IE Developer Toolbar provides several features for deeply exploring and understanding Web pages. Explore and modify the document object model (DOM) of Read the rest…

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Bindows 1.5: desktop applications in a web page

Category: JavaScript, Toolkit

Bindows is a full desktop application framework, within the browser. Bindows is in the same class of dev frameworks of, where you want an application to look and feel exactly like a rich desktop app, versus a webby app. Bindows Software Development Kit (SDK) You get access to an SDK to build Bindows-based applications. Read the rest…

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fileNice 1.0: ajaxian file browser

Category: Showcase

fileNice 1.0 has been released. fileNice is a simple remote file browser, using PHP on the backend, and Ajaxian techniques on the web tier. Features Folder specific slideshows of images (without page reloads). File details Send to Flickr Folder comments Search Prefs based sorting Source viewing of code Live demo of fileNice in action Download Read the rest…

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