Monday, November 16th, 2009

Persevere comes to a 1.0 release

Category: JavaScript

Ah the magical 1.0 release. It can feel so illusive :) Kris Zyp has announced the 1.0 of his Persevere uber-server: Persevere is JavaScript storage and application server that uses standards-based interface of HTTP/REST, JSON-RPC, JSONPath, and REST Channels. Persevere is designed for rich clients application and can be used with any framework or client. Read the rest…

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280Atlas: Paid Beta Available

Category: Cappuccino

The long awaited 280Atlas keeps marching on to its full release. The milestone that the awesome 280North team have accomplished this weekend was paid beta. The tool is Mac only right now and the team interestingly created their own framework for taking a Web app and making it run on the desktop. Note the scrollbars Read the rest…

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Friday, November 13th, 2009

Javascript Inheritance Patterns: Learning from Closure

Category: Closure, JavaScript

The library portion of Google’s Closure not only gives us a new API to work with, but also adds another piece of mature code to the public domain, where it can be studied and scrutinized. Something we might normally have done with View Source if not for the compression techniques in effect. A new article Read the rest…

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Lunascape Orion: Cross browser extensions

Category: Browsers

Lunascape 6.0 Orion is the latest version of the “triple engine” browser that lets you select between Gecko, WebKit, and Trident on Windows: The latest version supports Firefox Add-ons as well as IE plugins, and they are quite bullish on their performance:

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Thursday, November 12th, 2009

SPDY: Make HTTP chatter a lot faster

Category: Google, Performance

Mike Belshe of Google has been working on SPDY an optimized use of HTTP: It is designed specifically for minimizing latency through features such as multiplexed streams, request prioritization and HTTP header compression. We started working on SPDY while exploring ways to optimize the way browsers and servers communicate. Today, web clients and servers speak Read the rest…

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WebGL Musical Solar System

Jacob Seidelin has brought us amazing Canvas work in the past. Now he gets into WebGL: In my quest to get to know WebGL better, I’ve gradually been building my way up from the standard “paint one triangle” tests to more and more advanced things. Never having touched OpenGL before, this is all a nice Read the rest…

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Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Evidence; that your code will work

Category: Testing

Tobie Langel of Prototype fame has created another unit testing library for JavaScript. Another one I hear you say? Well, if Tobie did it…. it is worth checking out. Time to get some Evidence. I found out about it over dinner in Berlin at the great JSConf.EU. At the table were 6 people from 6 Read the rest…

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BrowserScope checks your security too

Category: Security

FAIL toStaticHTML API What is what I got when I pointed a Chrome dev channel build at the new security tests on BrowserScope. Collin Jackson and Adam Barth have written up the test suites. Steve is excited to see this: The new security tests in Browserscope were developed by Adam Barth from UC Berkeley, and Read the rest…

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Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Call for Proposals: TheServerSide Presents TheClientSide

Hello Ajaxians! Our sister site,, is looking for proposals for  ‘TheServerSide Presents TheClientSide’ — a conference within a conference at TheServerSide Java Symposium 2010–which focuses on the needs of developers who work on distributed application client. Submit your proposals to About the event: TheServerSide presents TheClientSide will offer a broader range of client Read the rest…

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Sputniktests via Browsers

Category: Browsers, JavaScript, Standards

Sputniktests web runner is a web based porting of the Sputniktests ECMA-262 conformance test suite made by Google. The aim of this test suite is to understand how compliant is a browser engine and the work @kangax has done in this post is, as usual, complete and loads of analysis about the test suite itself, Read the rest…

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Closure Graphics Fun

Category: Closure

Stephen Thomas has been experimenting with Closure and the graphics libraries: This does something similiar to what I do on Stark, my visual mud project that uses the Processing JS library and the HTML 5 <canvas> element, but instead of creating a draw function that is executed x amounts per seconds, you just call a Read the rest…

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Monday, November 9th, 2009

Émile: Stand-alone CSS animation JavaScript mini-framework

Category: JavaScript, Library

I am sitting next to Thomas Fuchs at JSConf.EU and he just posted about his new library agnostic CSS animation framework called Émile (named after Émile Cohl, an early animator). Émile has a full set of CSS properties for animation (length-based and colors) and includes easing and callbacks all with less than 50 lines of Read the rest…

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Friday, November 6th, 2009

Mockingbird: Cappuccino-based visual mockup tool

Category: Cappuccino, Showcase

Mockingbird is a nice Cappuccino based tool that lets you quickly mockup a wire-frame on the Web. Fire it up, build out your “pages”, drag and drop your UI, and then share it with your clients!

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Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Clipperz and Zero-Knowledge Online Password Management

The latest in Jon Udell’s excellent podcast series is an interview with’s Marco Barulli about the tool and its use of zero-knowledge online password management (aka the host-proof hosting pattern). Direct MP3 link (from IT Conversations post) Jon speaks of translucent databases, which encrypt data that can only make sense at application level. Thanks Read the rest…

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Google releases Closure, the tools behind the JS geniuses

Category: JavaScript, Library

I remember when the whole Ajax thing kicked in and JavaScript developers looked at Gmail, Gmaps, and the like and thought “I wonder what powers that?” Well, the power comes from Closure a library and set of tools that the great JS hackers built over time as they created the applications at scale. As soon Read the rest…

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Riot.js: JavaScript port of the lean fast unit test framework

Category: JavaScript, Testing

Riot started as a lean Ruby unit test framework with tests that have a style like this: < View plain text > ruby context "a new user" do   setup { }   asserts("that it is not yet created") { topic.new_record? } end Alex Young has now implemented Riot.js which brings you the lean Read the rest…

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