Wednesday, June 15th, 2005

Ajaxian MP3 Player

Category: Examples

Jon Buda writes in: Just wanted to let you know that I released an update to an open source project I started awhile back, mp3act. mp3act is a web based mp3 jukebox that now relies on ajax and javascript to power the interface. I complete redid the interface to work with ajax. check it out Read the rest…

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Tuesday, June 14th, 2005

Ajaxian Command Prompt

Category: Examples

In the weeks before our Ajax presentation at the recent Java Symposium (note that Ajax isn’t mentioned in the talk description; we proposed the talk long before the term Ajax came into vogue), Dion and I tossed around ideas for compelling demos. Dion had the idea of an ajaxian shell interface, allowing complete access Read the rest…

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Brendan Eich, Creator of JavaScript and Mozilla Foundation Member, Interviewed

Category: Articles

From, an audio presentation with Brendan Eich. The Mozilla Application API is vibrant and exciting, and in this short presentation Brendan Eich details some of the current options for extensibility, and hints at what is to come… Eich also discusses future Mozilla APIs, among them WHAT-WG and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) support, and potentially Read the rest…

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Firefox, Windows, and SVG

Category: Browsers, Firefox

And while we’re on the topic of SVG… By way of, an SVG enthusiast demonstrates how to get the (Windows only) Adobe SVG Viewer 6.0 “pre-alpha” (not a beta, as he claims) to work along-side Deer Park’s native SVG support. The blog entry is unnecessarily critical of a *preview* release of Deer Park’s unfinished Read the rest…

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Monday, June 13th, 2005

Deer Park: Firefox 1.1 Alpha Release

Category: Browsers, Firefox

In case you missed it, the Mozilla Foundation recently released Deer Park Alpha 1, a developer preview of Firefox 1.1. In addition to various miscellaneous fixes (my favorite being that scrollable divs now response to the mouse wheel), Deer Park includes the new SVG, canvas, and E4X technologies that we’ve mentioned before. Download it and Read the rest…

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Friday, June 10th, 2005

Technorati Beta: A touch of Ajax

Category: Ajax, Showcase

Technorati has announced a public beta of an updated Technorati. Now you can all see some of the Ajaxian features of the new beta, that we were shown under a red light at the Ajax Summit. One of the new features is that Technorati goes out to Flickr (and other taggers) to suck in images Read the rest…

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HTML 5 vs. XHTML 2

Category: Editorial

We try to keep up on what the WhatWG and the W3C are proposing for all of our benefit. We have been really impressed with the WhatWG, and secretly wish that the IE team would be totally on board (with the other browser teams that participate there). At a recent conference in europe, both groups Read the rest…

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JavaScript Drag-and-Drop extension for Prototype

Category: JavaScript, Library, Prototype, Ruby

Thomas Fuchs has released a Drag-and-Drop extension for Prototype. Generic drag-and-drop Any element can be declared draggable and/or a drop target Callbacks (onDrop, onHover) Integrated CSS class change to add class drophover if hovering over a possible drop-target Constraints (drag only vertically or horizontally) Uses the Effect2 library for transparency and snap-back visual effects Sortable Read the rest…

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Ajaxian Lazy Registration

Category: Ajax, Editorial

Tahpot discusses his thoughts on a new method of performing user registration on an Ajax web application. I’m referring to “Lazy registration”. One of the problems with a web-based application/service is forcing a user to register. On one hand you want the user to signup so you can create an account in the database and Read the rest…

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Fun: Javascript Gamelib

Category: Fun, Games

We had some interesting feedback to the Lemmings game that we posted for a bit of fun. Scott Schiller pointed us to JavaScript Gamelib. Gamelib was originally developed by Scott Porter of (has been defunct for a few years now), and is a pretty cool library. Scott had classic scrolling arcade games and a Read the rest…

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Thursday, June 9th, 2005

CPAINT: Cross-Platform Asynchronous INterface Toolkit

Category: Ajax, Toolkit

CPAINT is the Ajax toolkit that is used by the Ajax Spell Checker, and Magnetic Ajax. CPAINT has support for ASP and PHP backends. Download Home page

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Microsoft Script Encoder

Category: JavaScript, Utility

One common issue wrt JavaScript on the web, is the fact that some people don’t feel comfortable sharing their application in source code format. You can obfuscate your code, but it isn’t too hard to reverse engineer that. Microsoft has offered a free download, Script Encoder, that encrypts the source code and gives you an Read the rest…

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3.1 rating from 7 votes An Ajax based chat program

Category: Ajax, Chat, Showcase

There is yet another Ajax based chat located at It is based on selecting a channel, and chatting away.

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Wednesday, June 8th, 2005

JavaScript Lemmings: Here we come!

Category: Fun, Games, JavaScript

Destiny. Remember Flash moving from movies, to rollovers, to games? Now JavaScript is doing the same :) JavaScript Lemmings

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GreaseMonkIE to Trixie to Turnabout

Category: Browsers, JavaScript

Aren’t you glad that there is only one GreaseMonkey on the Firefox side? As soon as Trixie was announced, another project named Turnabout was put out there, doing a similar thing (Greasemonkey for IE). What one do we use? I will listen to Dare Obasanjo on this one: So where does this leave the other Read the rest…

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Ajax Framework Summary

Category: Ajax, JavaScript, Library, Toolkit

Michael Mahemoff, of Ajax Patterns, has been collecting information of every Ajax framework he has come across, including information such as languages, licensing, objectives, etc. Please ping him with anything he has missed (or edit the Wiki itself). View the Ajax Framework Summary.

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